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Image Salon Studios

If you are thinking of setting up your successful hair salon, then you are on the right track. Why so? That is one of the business ventures that stands the test of time even when there’s economic hardship. People will always want to look stunning and enhance their beauty despite the costs. 

However, it would be best to start on the right foot for you to stand out in this industry. You need to have your equipment in place and find a strategic location. To attract clients, you need to market yourself too. You need about $62,000 to set up a successful but basic-looking salon in your area. Even so, the cost can escalate to more than $500,000.

Well, this might seem costly on the outlook. Does it, therefore, mean that you should let go of the dream and aspiration of owning your salon? Absolutely not. Have you heard of the Image Salon Studios? That might be your solution to opening a successful hair salon. I will take you through what you need to know as you take this direction.

Before that, you must understand Image Salon Studios.

What is Image Salon Studios?

Image Salon Studios is a collection of mini salons operated by different professionals in their private studios. This new and fantastic salon ownership concept allows you, as a practicing hairstylist, to run your own business without going through the hassle of financing from scratch.

That is how this concept works; the place is a collection of mini salons. You get to rent your booth with all the equipment you need to operate a successful hair salon. Here’s the catch and the beauty; you have the flexibility of setting up your working hours so you can’t miss out on your clients. Plus, you have a locking entrance for our studio hence your privacy.

With this arrangement, you also have the freedom to decorate your studio as you wish and play your music. As a beauty professional, you have your specialty. Depending on your field of interest, you can still have your place, whether massage, barbershop, nail art, or the like.

The Package You Get By Working With Image Salon Studios

These are the specific things you will get when you rent out a studio with Image Salons. Let us look into each aspect individually;

To begin with, you will get a full-time Onsite Manager. Wait a minute; how will this help you to have a successful hair salon? The manager has to oversee that you have all your needs met for peaceful operations. If there’s a walk-in client, so long as you had initially informed the manager, he will bring the client to you.

You will also get a styling station with a mirror and a styling chair. Other utilities in the package include a shampoo bowl and chair, a cabinet, and a hairdryer. These are all essential requirements for operating a successful hair salon.

More to these, the package comes with a WiFi connection so you can keep tabs on your website, among other needs that you might have.

Image Salons pay for utilities like gas, electricity, and water, so you don’t have to worry about them. As their tenant, you will also have access to a private break room. In it, there’s a microwave, refrigerator, and seating area. Therefore, you can have a perfect place to unwind and interact with other tenants as you have your meals.

Your clients might want to have a discussion with you on particular things. For example, Image Salon Studios have a coffee bar for you and your clients that provides you with a perfect space to have a conversation. You may also decide to offer your clients a drink as they wait for their turn.

The place has a common laundry area as well as restrooms. As a security assurance, the place has a video security system installed. So in case of any hitch in your studio, you can easily verify the source using the captured footage.

To crown, your package is a powerful tool that can help you in marketing. Once you join the premises, Image Salons Studio will link their website to yours. In this case, clients who visit the Image Salons website will be able to reach you. You can therefore boost your client base. 

Besides all that I have handled above, there are the other things you stand to gain by renting a studio with Image Salons.

1. Unlimited Access to the Premise

Although you are renting out the studio, you will have 24-hour access to the premises. You can thus attend to your clients flexibly since you own the key to your space. Furthermore, unlike renting a chair in a salon, you will not have inconveniences related to access as you plan for your work. That is because you have a lockable entrance.

2. Being Your Boss in Your Studio, in a Successful Hair Salon

When you rent a space with Image Salons, you don’t have to worry about anyone micromanaging you. It is more like owning your salon such that you can service your clients as you please. You can therefore work towards achieving your dreams within a specified period.

As already discussed above, you will have your studio with all the equipment you need to operate a successful hair salon. These include a styling station with a mirror and chair, shampoo bowl, chair, cabinets, and hairdryer. 

Since this is your private studio, you can decorate it as you desire and play the music genre that appeals to you. If you are uncertain about how to go about the decoration process, you can look into how to organize your salon suite rental. With these suggestions, you can give your clients a cozy environment that will always call them back.

You can play around with the serene environment to create an appealing and lucrative surrounding for your clients.

3. You Get 100% Profit, from Successful Hair Salon

In many cases, beauty professionals who work under other people receive their payment on a commission basis. That calls for great sacrifice on their side to get a substantial income. For example, in Houston, the average income of a hairstylist is $22.26 per hour. However, each client pays between $60 to $100 to style their hair.

Since you are your boss, you get to keep all that you earn. You can also stock in as many beauty products as you can. You will thus be in a better position to boost your income. To crown this beauty, you get to decide your prices. This flexibility allows you to earn better. However, you only need to ensure that the price you set meets the standard of services.

4. Professional Help to Get You Started with a Successful Hair Salon

Becoming your boss is a satisfying thing to experience. However, it is not a walk down the path. It comes with a chunk of responsibilities and challenges. If you don’t start it well, then it is a plan that might fail upon inception.

Image salon studios operate on a win-win philosophy. Your success translates to theirs. Since they have long been in the business, they hold your hand as you journey on to become a successful hair salon owner. In addition, they will give you advice on how to start up your business and how to market it.

Aside from helping your business thrive, the Image studio team will help you throughout the transition process. I would appreciate some help, especially from those who have gone through the same path before.

5. A New Phase of Studio Rental

One might quickly assume that renting out a studio with Image Salons is an expensive venture. Surprisingly, the amount is similar to what you would pay to rent a space in someone’s salon. The only difference is that in this case, you won’t have to go through any inconvenience. You will have free access to your lockable entrance and also get to keep all your earnings.

6. Networking Opportunity

Image Salon Studios is open to all beauty professionals regardless of their specialty. To have a successful hair salon, you need to have a flowing client base. By interacting with other tenants, you can sell out your specialty to them. Whenever they get clients who also need your services, they can suggest you to them. Internal referrals will work better in ensuring the growth of all tenants.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent at Image Salon Studios?

While renting a space at Image salon is about the same as what one can pay elsewhere, there are slight variations. The amount you pay will depend on the location of the studio. You are more likely to pay more if you want to rent a space in a busy location. Image Salon Studios have their premises in Sugar Land (two different locations) or Royal Oaks.

While all the studios have the features already highlighted above, they vary in size. The bigger the studio, the higher the rent. Another significant factor is the location of the studio within the building. If the studio is in a remote place, then the cost will be low.

Apart from the rent, you need to pay a deposit of $250. This amount could be more, depending on the size of the studio.

Specific now to the costs, Image salons have a weekly payment plan. You can also lease a studio either biannually or annually. First, however, you need to make a call to get the precise amounts that they charge.

An Alternative if the Cost Is Too High for You 

While you desire to be on your own and operate your business, sometimes it might be costly for you, depending on your budget. You don’t have to despair or let go of your dream of opening a successful hair salon. You can share the studio with a fellow beauty professional.

However, before you do this, you need to notify Image Salons. The co-tenant will also have to sign the lease agreement both for your good and image salon. If the co-tenant destroys any of the studio’s rented items, they will take full responsibility for it. 

This alternative method of owning a hair salon is not only for cases where you have insufficient funds. It can also be beneficial, especially if you are still new in the industry. With this alternative, you can grow your client base together with your partner and, if need be, split up once you both gain stability.

How to Join Image Salon Studios and form a Successful Hair Salon

By now, I believe that you have seen all the reasons why Image Salon Studios is your key to opening a successful hair salon. Joining the team is quite easy. All you need is to follow a few simple steps. First, you need to fill the Lease Application form. Here, you will include your personal and professional information. Also, be ready with the contact information of your referees, as you will have to include them.

The second step involved reviewing your application to ensure that all the information provided is accurate. The final step involves completing the process. After that, you will receive a call from Image Salon Studios. Next, you will schedule a visit to their premise near you to inspect what they have. Once you reach an agreement, you can go ahead and sign the lease agreement.

Wait a Minute

Before you get too excited about the prospect of owning a successful hair salon at Image Salon Studios, you need to prepare thoroughly. Study the success tips you should know as a salon suite owner and apply them judiciously.

You will thus have a more intense preparation in case of any eventuality. You will also have a clear picture of what to expect and how to behave as you wait for your business to pick up. If you combine this information with all the training you will get from Image Salon’s professional team, you will likely succeed.

Summing It Up

There’s nothing as rewarding as having the opportunity to be your boss. However, setting up your hair salon from scratch requires a lot of resources for a decent studio. While renting out space at Image Salon Studio, you get to own your salon. The renting package comes with all the equipment you need to operate a successful hair salon. In addition, it comes with the flexibility of scheduling your operation hours and prices.

The registration process is an easy one. It only includes filling up the lease application form and reviewing it before submission. Once you do this, you will receive a call to schedule an appointment to examine the premises.

If you have worries concerning the expenses, then relax. The cost is almost similar to what you will pay whenever you rent a working space elsewhere. The only difference is that here you will have the convenience that comes with ownership. Once you join the team, you will receive professional advice to help you grow your business. You will also receive support to help you adjust and stabilize.

When it comes to marketing, it becomes more convenient. Image salon will link your website to theirs. Whenever clients get onto their site to look for stylists, then you will appear on the list. You can therefore build your client base hence operating a successful hair salon.

There is so much in store for you. All you need to do is take up the bold step of becoming your boss. Instead of looking into the option of starting from scratch, join Image Salon Studios and start experiencing your growth.

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