The Future of Salon Professionals

How Image Salon Studios is the Future of Salon Professionals

There is no escaping the fact that 2020 has been a huge game changer of a year for companies in just about every industry. The need for following social distancing measures, additional cleaning and sanitation procedures and the use of more personal protection equipment and face coverings has caused serious problems for many businesses.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the work and the business premises used, the beauty sector and salons in particular have been hit more dramatically than others.

Have you recently qualified and certified as a salon professional of some kind and are wondering how you are going to earn make money and put your experience and skill set to good use in the changing landscape? Perhaps you have worked in the industry for a long time and suffered because of the pandemic? 

For both scenarios, Image Salon Studios may have the solution you need to stay afloat and run a successful business in the post-Covid-19 outbreak world we find ourselves in. 

What Do Image Salon Studios Offer?

At Image Salon Studios, the concept of the booth rental salon has been taken to a whole new level. Rather than just getting a booth that is partitioned off or a seat in another salon, when you choose to work with Image Salon Studios, you get your own salon studio. It is under the same roof as many other mini salons but is a completely separate entity in its own right. 

As well as the space to provide the services you want to offer to your customers, you also get a lockable entrance, all the furniture you need and equipment, along with Wi-Fi, gas and electric. All for a booth rental price. 

The Benefits of Being an Image Salons Suite Owner Over More Traditional Options

Although the above sounds good, you may wonder if it is really worth it. After all, you may find it easier to rent a chair in an existing salon. To really show why we think this is the future of the salon profession, though, we have outlined some of the key benefits. 

You are Your Own Boss

Investing in a suite through Image Salons is one of the easiest ways to become your own boss, without all the complexities and expenses of setting up your own business. The price is similar to the average rental rates you would be expected to pay for a chair in an existing salon. 

Freedom to Run Your Salon How You Want

While it is advantageous to work within a reputable salon, it’s not really the same as having your own business. With an Image Salon Suite, however, you have a lot of freedom and flexibility about how you run it. This extends to the décor. If you have always dreamed of having a salon with a particular color scheme and atmosphere, a Suite from Image Salons can help you get that. 

Perhaps there is a particular type of music you prefer to play that helps you concentrate more or that you know your clientele likes., with your own suite you are free to play whatever music you like, when you like and don’t have to worry about what other people think. 

Work When You Want

As the suite you get is yours and comes with a lockable door and 25/7 security there is no real reason why you can’t work at hours that suit you and your clients. Have you ever had to turn down a customer who needed to have their hair styled at a specific time that you were unable to fulfil because the salon you worked for or rented a chair at wasn’t opened? This is the perfect solution to problems like that. If you wanted to, you could open your salon suite at 3am.

Only You Have Access to Your Products and Equipment

Whether you have worked in a salon or not or heard first-hand from someone who has, you will probably know that they can be quite cut-throat and competitive places. There is often a lot of drama and politics that make working life extremely hard, especially if you just want to style and cut hair (or whatever service you offer). When you have your own suite, you don’t need to deal with any of that, because you will be working on your own for yourself – no-one to compete with for customers coming through your door as they are only coming to see you. 

You also don’t have the problem of other stylists and salon workers touching, using and messing with your equipment and products. 

Easier to Comply with Covid-19 Safety and Hygiene Measures

Working for a salon directly or renting out a chair in a salon means that you are working with a lot of different people, and there are a lot of clients coming and going, which can make it harder to keep safe social distancing measures and sanitation measures in place. 

Whereas, if you have your salon suite, you can control the bookings and traffic in and out of your salon. As it will only be you working there (although there is the potential for you to share with another salon professional, that still keeps the numbers relatively low), it will naturally be much easier to sanitize the work areas and surfaces after each client and more fully at the end of your working day. 

As part of the rental charge, your suite comes with its own waiting area, and as you are fully in charge of how your business operates, you can set restrictions on how many people can be in your salon at one time. 

Start Your New Career Today

Everything has changed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is for the worst. Whether it’s a brand-new venture or you have worked in traditional salons before, Image Salons Studios can help you offer your services in a post-Covid-19 world. Contact one of their professional, friendly and extremely helpful team today for more information. 

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