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For long, the hair salon has remained to be an intimate environment where close contact isn’t negotiable. There is a hairstylist who happens to massage your scalp using the pads of their fingers or a barber who leans very close to shape your hairline. But all this changed when coronavirus compelled salons to shut down, temporarily breaking bonds between clients and stylists. 

However, COVID-19 shouldn’t be taken lightly either by the client or the salon. Hundreds of thousands of people have succumbed to the virus, while millions of others struggle with its infections. At Image Salon Studios, we are fully aware of the severity of the situation. After a brief lockdown, we are now back in business, but this time, cooperating with the heightened regulations.Salon Studio Infographic

Here are a few reasons why a visit to Image Salons to get your hair done shouldn’t be a scary experience. 

Having your services performed in a private studio

No need to worried about contracting the virus, in a crowded of open concept salon. All of our services are provided in a private studio.  Here, you can receive a variety of salon services. In addition to hair we offer nail, aesthetician, Lash and other services, all provided in a private studio.

Work safe Strategies

There are plenty of ways that we can pass coronavirus from one person to the next. At Image Salons all of our service providers wear masks during your session as well as completely sanitizing work areas, tools and equipment before and after each session. We are an appointment bases establishment. At this time for the safety of all, we are not utilizing our waiting areas. We ask all client to arrive just in time for their appointment so as to achieve a high level of social distancing. We also ask our clients to wear a mask when entering the premises and while being escorted to their private studio where their service will be performed.

Well-Stocked Salon

With the coronavirus proving to be unforgiving, there’s nothing riskier than visiting a poorly stocked salon. If you can’t spot alcohol-based hand cleaners, soap, tissue papers, or cleaning equipment, then you may have entered a dangerous place where your health is of little to no concern at all. We at Image Salon Studios operate a properly-stocked premise. Considering that you also receive a private studio session while being attended to, it makes it more easy and convenient for you as well for the salon attendant to avoid interactions with third parties. With us, you’ll certainly spot sanitizers, soaps, tissue paper, and cleaning equipment aimed at encouraging healthful habits within your private space. 


 Image Salon Studios: Putting Your Safety First

At Image Salons Studios we believe our concept offers you the best and safest option to receive your beauty services. Our business model was designed for distancing even before the pandemic, and its advantages are even more apparent at this time. We make every effort to provide you with a wonderful salon experience coupled with a high level of personal safety.

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