Attract Clients as a New Salon Suite Professional

Starting any business from the ground up is no walk in the park. You have to put in your sweat and time, have a very appealing selling proposition, great networking skills, smart marketing strategies and a proven track record just to name a few. Even when you have all these in play, you still have the imminent task of attracting potential clients.

Now, in the beauty industry, more specifically, salon professionals have an even tougher time when they are trying to get started and secure their first clients.  Whether you are an esthetician, makeup artist, hair stylist or nail specialist, the challenges are almost similar. But wooing in new clients isn’t something that happens overnight, No! You have to be creative, devise plans that will help you reach potential clients, lure them to your doorstep, draw them in and keep them always craving for more of your services.

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Regardless of the services you provide, we have shed some light on some crucial tips that you could use to attract more clients while doing what you do best. Let’s dive into them.

Have an appealing Salon Space

First impressions matter! Yes, they do. You need to find a salon space that sells itself, and clients get the urge to walk in. When starting, most businesses might find it hard to purchase an executive salon space that is very attractive for their clients, then, the option of renting a salon space should be a great choice. Rental salon suites give your business the privilege of having an executive salon for your clients, even though you don’t have the funds to own one fully. 

For salon professionals in Houston, Image Salon Studios are your safest bet. We offer fully furnished salon suites that come fitted with essentials your business needs to offer your clients that magical experience. To rent a suite, please contact us.

Maximize your Personality

Nobody indeed wants to work with a lousy and mean person. Working on your personality is a great factor to consider when you are in this industry. You will be surprised by how important courteous words are to your customers.  Being Kind, warm and accommodative to the needs of your client is a great way to go about it. Always greet your clients, complement them as well positively engage with them during their time at your salon. 

You can also improve your personality by being generous in offering your customers a good magazine, juice, coffee, or tea is a great strategy to keep one time clients as regular clients. This improves the likability of your business and you as the owner.

Learn good marketing skills

Marketing is a broad term and commonly confused with advertising. Though they go hand in hand, you need to be selective and smart in the approach you will use to get more people to know about your salon and choose your services. With the beauty industry, social media plays a very crucial role as a marketing platform. Now, there is also the power of influencers of which you might invite to your salon, maybe even offer a free service, and in return, have them broadcast your salon.  

Your best bet would be providing content that will always captivate and engage potential clients, no matter where they are. Invest in a good camera and lenses, or hire one if necessary and always share your content to different pages, channels and platforms.

Promotions and giveaways 

Understanding how your salon relates to its client’s needs is a great way to ensure the success of your salon. Customizing promotions and special offers that might be catered around a specific theme, seasonal change or trends is a great way to attract clients to your salon. Giveaways like free shampoo sachets, some herbs or oils always work perfectly to attract clients. Once these clients are at your salon, it is up to you to use your personality and great skills to turn them into long term clients. Here again, you could use the power of marketing to make people aware of your offers and promotions which will, in return, keep the numbers up.

When all is said and done, your salon business should attract as many clients as possible, but then, why doesn’t it do so? The location and overall appearance of your salon is a great thing to consider. Renting your space at Image Studio Salon will help you overcome these challenges. Located at the heart of Huston, we offer fully furnished salon suites for almost any beauty professional. Reach us today and book your space.

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