How to Organize Your Salon Suite Rental

Are you thinking of setting up a salon booth aimed at reaching out to more customers while advertising your brand as a salon booth renter, especially during the Spring? If you are a suite or salon owner, then there’s no better time of the year to restart and refresh other than during fall. Fall is one of the best times for you to launch your specials while highlighting other services that you offer. There could be huge chances that the upcoming few holiday months could spell real business for your salon business, a good reason why you may have to go ahead of the game and get everything better organized. 

At Image Salon Studios, rest assured of spacious and beautiful salon suite rentals perfectly suited for you. If there is anything that comes with you being a salon professional at Image Salon Studios, then it’s the chance to have your salon space customized. Each of our rental salon studios come fully equipped with major equipment and essential amenities that you may find necessary to suit your business such as mirrors, hydraulic chair and cabinetry. In today’s insightful post, we highlight a few tips to assist you in keeping the space of your salon.

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Do away with clutter

Do you have anything that doesn’t spark joy in your salon? If so, then it’s time you got rid of it. If you have clutter or unnecessary stuff that seems out of use, then you better get rid of it. Despite looking unprofessional, clutter can be a major distraction. Based on a study carried out by Princeton University, your ability to process information and focus can be inhibited by plenty of excessive stuff around your workplace. If there is something that you don’t need or use around your workplace, then get rid of it. If you can trash it or pass to your friend, then do so immediately. You may end up feeling way satisfied when you get rid of all the clutter that you don’t need. Too much clutter can actually prevent you from moving ahead. If you do away with what you don’t need, you automatically become more efficient.

Put everything in its right place

Have you ensured that your salon space is free of clutter? If so, then you will want to ensure that all your equipment in your booth has a dedicated space. If you are a disorganized person and have several items spread all over the place, then you’ll create more and more clutter, which you had worked so hard to get rid of in the first place. Ensure you take advantage of every drawer and cabinet found in your cabinet suite while still maintaining such spaces in an organized manner. The moment you have an area that’s established for your items, ensure that you do everything that you can so that you maintain some orderliness. This could include putting away some things once you are done with them. 

Highly use the available vertical space 

This is a trick that most people, regardless of the nature of business overlook, the vertical space. Ensure that at all times, you use or rather utilize available storage options in your salon space rental since you are paying your hard-earned cash to rent it. But when you have to display your décor and other retail products more appealingly, then you may find yourself encountering some challenges. If you are displaying your merchandise, ensure that you fully take advantage of the available vertical space, a move that will ensure that your salon doesn’t look condensed or cluttered. If possible, add modern shelving to the walls and some décor to the shelving too. You can do this by adding a plant picture to efficiently add some exquisite style to the space that you may not have otherwise considered using.

Clear up your scheduling 

As a salon suite owner, scheduling is essential. With proper scheduling, rest assured of being organized and staying top of the game. Regardless of whether you prefer online scheduling or the old-fashioned book of appointment, it’s essential to ensure that your scheduling remains efficient and organized as possible. If you feel that there will come a time where you will work relatively slow or face clients who will need more time, then ensure that you schedule sufficiently long gaps in between appointments. Also, you may have to ensure that you have some time to clean up and breathe before resuming your next appointment. Again, you must remember that proper scheduling can make this possible. But on the other hand, poor scheduling may see you failing to achieve your goals. 

Come up with a refreshing relaxing and refreshing environment 

There are plenty of ways that you, as a salon owner, can use to elevate the experiences of your customers. One of the best ways to achieve this end is by going ahead and creating an atmosphere across your salon suite that reflects how you desire your clients to feel. You can achieve this by hanging some soft string lights, adding some décor, playing very relaxing music (such as some soft country or blues), or offering some refreshments to your clients. Regardless of what you intend to do, the goal should be to create an environment that you love and want to be in every time. 

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