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Q: What are the advantages of being a salon owner at Image Salons?

Ans: Being a salon owner at Image Salons, you have the freedom to operate your business in the manner you desire without having to pay high overhead or deal with the complexity of opening up your own salon. You can choose your clients, set your own fees, set your own hours, and sell products that you want to sell.

Q: How much does it cost for me to rent a studio at Image Salons?

Ans: Image Salons has weekly rental rates based on location, studio size, and the location of the studio within the building. Please give us a call for details.

Q: Why is it more advantageous for me to rent a studio at Image Salons rather than rent a chair within another salon?

Ans: You should rent a studio at Image Salons rather than rent a chair within a salon for the following reasons: (1) our rental rates are about the same as a chair rental within a salon; (2) you have keys to your own individual studio separate from other studios thereby avoiding salon drama and politics; (3) you will have peace of mind that no one other than yourself will use the products that you purchased; (4) you can sell your own products and keep all the profits which can greatly increase your weekly income; (5) you have some flexibility in decorating your own studio.

Q: What is included with my studio rental at Image Salons?

Ans: The following items are included with your studio rental

  • Full-time Onsite Manager
  • Styling chair
  • Styling station with mirror
  • Shampoo bowl and cabinet
  • Shampoo chair
  • Hair Dryer
  • 24hr access
  • WiFi
  • Utilities (electricity, gas, and water) are paid for by Image Salons.
  • Private Break Room for Tenants, including microwave, refrigerator, and seating area
  • Coffee Bar for you and your clients
  • Common area laundry room
  • Common area restrooms
  • Video security system
  • Links to your website on the Image Salons website

Q: How do I know that Image Salons is right for me?

Ans: Image Salons is right for anyone who is interested in having their own salon, being their own boss, keeping 100% of their income, being able to set their own hours and enjoy their independence. Because of our flexible lease plans, you can try leasing a studio at Image Salons on a six month or an annual basis.

Q: Do I have to pay a deposit to a rent studio and if so how much?

Ans: Yes. you should be prepared to pay a deposit of $250.00 or more depending on the size of the studio.

Q: Can I share my studio with another beauty industry professional?

Ans: Yes. Individual studios can be shared by up to two beauty industry professionals depending on the size of the studio. We permit and sometimes encourage two individuals to share a studio in order to reduce cost. The sharing of studios will assist beauty professionals who recently entered the industry to follow their dreams and develop their clientele.

Q: Do I have to obtain Image Salons’s permission before permitting another beauty industry professional to share my studio?

Ans: Yes. Image Salons in most cases, will permit two individuals to share a studio. However, the co-tenant has to also sign the lease agreement to be jointly liable for the studio. By requiring the co-tenant to be jointly liable under the lease agreement, we are protecting not only Image Salons’s investment in the premises but also protecting you in the event the co-tenant destroys the rented studio.

Q: Should I share my studio with another beauty industry professional or should I rent my own studio ?

Ans: It is based upon your own individual preference. However, beauty industry professionals who have been in the industry for two years or more and have sufficient clients are encouraged to have their own studio. On the other hand, beauty industry professionals who have recently entered the industry are encouraged to share their studio while building up their client-base.

Q: What beauty services are available?

Ans: Image Salons provides space for professionals who offer full beauty services including hair, skin care, massage, and nails. We encourage beauty professionals from different disciplines (hair, skin, massage, nails) to work in Image Salons so that we can be a one-stop shopping trip for all your client’s beauty needs.

Q: Do I set my own hours of operation?

Ans: Yes! You do set your own hours of operations and you have 24hour access to your studio.

Q: Do I get walk-in clients by being a tenant at Image Salons?

Ans: Yes. Walk-in clients do come to Image Salons but they are rare. Our Onsite Salon Manager will direct walk-in clients to those tenants who have told the Manager that they will accept walk-ins. Image Salons will also link your own website to the Image Salons website so that clients who visit the our website will be able to contact you. Furthermore, you are encouraged to network with beauty industry professionals in other disciplines at Image Salons to provide each other with an internal referral system. For instance, a hairstylist is encouraged to network with a nail technician, esthetician, massage therapist and establish an internal referral system of clients.

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