The Best 10 Hair Extensions in Houston, TX

The Best 10 Hair Extensions in Houston

Hair extensions allow you to add different colors and dimensions to your hair. You can also increase the length and volume of your hair by adding hair extensions. Of course, you can use these extensions to change your look without altering the color and size of your natural hair.

It is a common occurrence to see women wearing stylish hair extensions in Houston, TX. Furthermore, this city is home to some of the top salons that specialize in weaving, braiding, and other types of hair extension applications.

There are two common categories of hair extensions, synthetic and human hair types.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair products are less costly when compared to human hair extensions. However, you get value at a lower price. In addition, these hair types are durable even though they may have a slightly unnatural look.

One drawback about these hair products is that they tend to frizz and are stiffer than natural hair. Additionally, you cannot use heat from a curling or flat iron on synthetic hair. 

Human Hair Extensions

Unlike synthetic hair products that are prone to frizz, human hair extensions are more natural and brittle-free. As a result, they are more luxurious, and you can style them like your natural hair. 

You can also use straighteners and hairdryers on your human hair extension to keep it flat and smooth. However, you must ensure that you use a low heat setting to avoid damage to the keratin bonds on your hair extension. 

These hair products have a longer reuse life when compared to their synthetic counterparts.

Types of Hair Extensions

There are five types of hair extensions which include the following; –

  • Keratin-bonded
  • Weaves
  • Taped
  • Microlinks
  • Clip-in
  • Wigs
  • Hair-piece
  • Halo hair extension
  • Ponytail
  • Skin waft

1. Keratin-bonded Hair Extensions

This hair product consists of tiny strands of chemical-free or virgin human hair. The process of styling keratin-bonded hair extension involves sticking the piece to your scalp using special glue. You may use a hot or cold drying treatment.

The keratin bond melts into your hair in a near-natural resemblance to your natural hair. It blends so well that no one can notice the difference between the two.

Why Are Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions in Houston Liked?

Durable Keratin bonded hair extensions are durable and long-lasting. With professional care, you can wear these hair products for more than six months.

Natural – Keratin bonded extensions are custom made to suit your or match your natural hair shade. They give you a more natural look than sewn-in or taped-in hair alternatives. Additionally, they increase the length and volume of your hair in a near-natural way. You can dye and also style your human hair extension using a hairdryer, flat or curling iron.

Easy to maintain – It is easier to care for keratin bonded hair extensions when compared with the synthetic types.

Flexible – You experience the freedom of moving your hair in any direction naturally.

What to Expect

Swimming with Keratin bonded hair will damage the root. Of course, soaking your hair in water will damage the keratin. Additionally, you must dry your hair as soon as possible after shampooing. It is wise to use low heat on your hairdryer when styling your hair to avoid damage to the glue.

Where Can You Find the Best Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions in Houston?

Looking for a hairstylist near me will give you some saloons in your locality. However, it may take time to go through the long list to find the best one for your hair extension needs. 

Luckily, we found some premier saloon studios that may consider your hair needs. These include Laid Hair Studio, The Beauty Retreat Co, Hair Xtreme, and Habana Extensions. 

2. Weaves

A weave is a synthetic or natural hair extension. Unlike a wig that you can wear on and off, a weave is sewn directly into natural hair braided into tracks. A perfectly fitted weave can last for a couple of weeks on your hair. 

Day weaves are some of the most popular hair extensions in Houston, TX.  Additionally, you can find weaves in different colors, textures, and lengths 

Some popular variations of these hair extensions include Brazilian, Eurasian, Malaysian, and Indian. Each of the weave types has distinct characteristics categorized by texture.

Why Are Weave Hair Extensions in Houston Liked?

Wearing a weave may support hair growth – Sometimes, your hair gets stressed and weakened from the chemical straightening.  You can wear a weave to give your natural hair a stylish protective cover for a couple of weeks. 

Fashion – Sewn-in weaves are fashionable and cannot slip or slide away. You do not have to wait for years for your hair to grow before you can look glamorous.

What to Expect

You may experience pain and headaches if your hairdresser sews the extensions tightly. You can avoid such unpleasant experiences if you visit a certified hairdresser.

Where Can You Find the Best Weave Hair Extensions in Houston?

You may consider visiting top salons that use the best hair extensions in Houston, Tx. They also have experienced hairdressers who specialize in weaving. These include Vegan Luxe Esthetics, The Hair Odyssey, Pretty in Length, and more.

3. Tape-in Hair Extensions in Houston

hair stylist placing tape in hair extensions in Houston

Tape-in hair extensions consist of small wefts of thin strands that you can attach to your natural hair. The application procedure involves parting your hair in sections and using double-sided tape to stick the hair extension. You can wear a tape-in hair extension for up to eight weeks.

Why Are Tape-in Hair Extensions in Houston Liked?

Quick application process – You take a shorter time to add tape extensions to your hair than it does to apply weave. Therefore, they are ideal for individuals who have tight work schedules and little time to spend at the saloon.

Reusable – Unlike fusion hair extensions, the tape-in hairpiece is durable. You can also reuse high-quality extensions more than one time.

Safe on your hair – Some hair extension types can pull at your natural hair and cause it to break. However, tape in does not cause any damage to your hair during the application and removal process.

What to Expect

You will need to maintain your tape-in hair regularly if you want them to remain gorgeous for at least eight weeks.

You also need to keep the serums and oils away from the tape to avoid damaging the adhesive. In addition, you may have to stay away from deep-oil treatments and desist from applying other oil-based hair products on your scalp.

Where Can You Find the Best Taped Hair Extensions in Houston?

You can purchase the best tape-in hair extensions in Houston at an online shop or at your local beauty parlor. 

However, if you buy a taped hair extension from a salon, your stylist will provide helpful information about the hairpiece that you buy.  Some of the salons you may consider visiting include the following, Image Luxe Studio, Echt Hair Studio, and Diva Daily.

4. Microlinks Hair Extension in Houston

Microlinks, also known as microbeads hair extensions, is a popular hairstyle in Houston. Additionally, it has also gained fame in the fashion industry. The application involves securing the hair extension to your natural strands by using tiny silicone beads.

Why Are Micro Links Hair Extensions in Houston Liked?

Natural look – This hair product will blend seamlessly with medium and fine hair without appearing bulky.  The bead that connects your natural hair to the extension is tiny and disguisable. You can select your preferred texture of the hairpiece and the shade that matches your natural hair.

Durable – You can wear micro links hair extensions for up to twelve weeks. Even so, you must maintain and care for them regularly.

Low maintenance – You need to maintain your beads between 4-6 weeks after the first installation.

What to Expect

The cost of buying microlinks and the application fee may seem high initially. Nonetheless, this hair product lasts a long time.

As with other hair extensions types, you may initially feel uncomfortable when styling and wearing additional hair on your head

Where Can You Find the Best Fusion Hair Extensions in Houston?

Not all beauty shops that sell hair extensions have quality pieces. However, you may consider having your micro bead hair extension applied at some of Houston’s premier salons. These include Zeal Hair Salon, Lush salon, Hair Xtreme, and Habana Extensions.

5. Clip-in

Clip-in hair extensions are easier and faster to apply when compared to weaves and keratin bonded extension types. You can add length and volume to your hair temporarily by using clip-in hairpieces. You can choose to wear a synthetic, natural, or a mix of both.

Why Are Clip-on Hair Extensions in Houston Liked?

Durable – Your extensions can last for up to six months. However, you need to gently brush and wash them regularly to maintain a fresh and clean look.

Freedom – You can clip them in and out of your hair whenever you want.

Easy to wear – You do not need to go to a professional hairdresser for a clip-in hair extension application. It is almost the only hairpiece you can wear by yourself in about 5 minutes.

What to Expect

Clip-in hair extensions are ideal for events and not your best option if you want a durable solution. In addition, they are temporary and may not meet your long-term hair needs.

Where Can You Find the Best Clip-in Hair Extensions in Houston?

You can purchase quality clip-in in a beauty shop near you or from online shops. You can also find these hair products in some of the leading salons in Houston that specialize in extensions and weaving. In addition, you may want to consider buying your clip-in from The Beauty Retreat Co or  Hair Xtreme salon in Houston.

6. Wigs

Wearing a wig is straightforward. All you need to do is pull it over your natural hair. It is common for individuals to cover their heads with long full wig hair extensions.

Why Are Wig Hair Extensions in Houston Liked?

Hair replacement – Sometimes, people lose their hair for various reasons. In the event of such a situation, you may need some headgear to cover your head. Wigs are an ideal solution to replace your hair temporarily.

Easy to use – You do not need a specialist to apply your wig. You can wear and remove it at any time.

Changing your look – Wearing a wig is a simple way to give yourself a new look effortlessly.

What to Expect

Your wig is not permanent, and it can slip or shift on your head.

Where to find Wig Hair Extensions in Houston

When you decide to use wigs for your new look, you may consider visiting some of the top salons in Houston. You will meet professional hairstylists who can help you select your ideal wig. Some of these salons include Hair Xtreme and Habana Extensions in Houston.

7. Hair Pieces

Unlike the wig, which covers a larger surface of your head, hair-piece extensions are small bun-shaped, ponytail, or hair ties. You can use a hair-piece extension to cover a specific section of your head.

Why Are Hair Piece Extensions in Houston Liked?

Stylish – You can use a hair-piece extension to create a unique style.

Provides cover – You can place it at a specific place to cover thinning or baldness.

What to Expect

You need to use gentle methods when cleaning hair-piece extensions because they are fragile. Hair-piece extensions are not durable, and they do not last more than one month.

Where to find Hairpiece Extensions in Houston

Various salons and beauty shops can help you meet your hair goals. If you are looking to find the best hair-piece extensions, you can find numerous quality brands here.

8. Halo Hair Extensions

Halo hair extension sits on your head, held firmly by a disguisable wire. You can wear it in a one-step process in about 5 minutes. It is ideal for people who have long, thin, and medium hair types.

Why Are Halo Extensions in Houston Liked?

Durable – These hair extensions can last up to six months or more.

For first-timers – Halo hair extension allows you to experiment with classy styles with little effort. Anyone can apply it the correct way without help or prior styling experience.

Comfortable – Unlike clip-ins, tape-ins, and sew-in wefts, you can gently tie halo extensions on your head with an ultra-thin wire.

What to Expect

If you have thick short hair, the strings may be exposed when you wear a halo extension.

Where to find Halo Hair Extensions in Houston

You can purchase this hair product from your nearest beauty studio in Houston or an online store. They are as easy to find as they are to apply.

9. Ponytail Hair Extensions

Ponytail consists of virgin hair strands that you can wear by fastening it to your natural hair using a tiny comb. 

Why Are Ponytail Extensions in Houston Liked?

Instant style – You can add a classic style to your hair in a few minutes.

Safe – Ponytail is a safe product to wear on your hair. These extensions are an ideal way to add length, volume without causing breakage.

What to Expect

Ponytail hair extensions are temporary. You can wear and remove them at any time. Therefore, they may not provide a long-lasting solution to your hair goals.

Where to find Ponytail Hair Extensions in Houston

Vegan Luxe Esthetics and The Hair Odyssey saloons have the best ponytail hair extensions in Houston. Moreover, you will also find quality hair care services at affordable rates.

10. Skin Weft Hair Extensions

They consist of a 4cm wide silicon tab which you attach to a section of your natural hair. Skin weft hair extension is placed close to your scalp by use of special tape.

Why Are Skin Weft Hair Extensions in Houston Liked?

Color – Unlike the traditional tape, skin wefts allow you to add color to it.

Invisible tape – Skin weft involves stitching your hair through the connection to the top. Therefore, it does not have a shiny tab. Instead, your hair extension looks like it is growing from the scalp.

What to Expect

You cannot use protein or keratin on skin weft hair extensions because these products may weaken the tape.

Where to find Skin Weft Hair Extensions in Houston

You can find top-quality skin weft extensions in some of the premier salons in Houston, TX. You may consider visiting any of these hair boutiques. They include Pretty in Length and Hair Xtreme.


Today, you cannot underestimate the benefits of hair extensions in Houston. This city is home to some of the best hairstylists and saloons in the region. You can also find the best quality human hair keratin bond hair extensions, weaves, clip-in, and micro links hair extensions in Houston, TX. 

Hair extensions are a reliable source of headgear. Besides being affordable, they are easy to maintain and also save you on saloon time. In addition, you can transform your look every day by using different types of hair extensions.

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