The Best 6 Houston Hair Transplant and Restoration Clinics

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Shall we raise a glass to the very latest and best technologies in hair transplant? If you suffer from limited growth on the scalp or absolute absent growth, you can benefit from hair restoration treatments at some highly-rated Houston hair transplant clinics.

The perfect candidates for this procedure include male pattern baldness, a receding hairline, fine/thinning hair, and hair loss. In most cases, the doc identifies a donor area from a dense hair site. It could be the back of your head, chin, or anywhere else that has fine hair for transplant.

The process can be complex, needing high-standard clinics to provide minimally invasive procedures with no scarring and much lesser downtime. However, Houston hair experts say it is not any clinic that can solve your hair transplant needs. Hence it would help if you scrutinized any that you identify carefully. 

The qualities to investigate are credentials, experience, licensure, success rates, cost, and reputation. Based on these aspects, here are some of the Houston hair transplant clinics you can consult.

1. Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, Houston Hair Transplant

One of the top Houston hair transplant clinics I have ever consulted is Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery. The treatment team headed by Dr. Patt provides some of the city’s most advanced and innovative hair restoration solutions.

It doesn’t matter the cause of your thinning hair or hair loss. This clinic has the most experienced personnel to diagnose and provide appropriate hair transplant procedures and aftercare.

Among the available hair restoration treatments is laser technology. It is a highly sought-after non-invasive treatment that triggers total hair growth and restricts any future hair thinning/loss.

Another tremendous hair therapy at Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery is scalp reduction. As the name suggests, the procedure involves minimizing your bald areas, where the doc removes those smaller bald patches and rejoins the fuller regions to form a complete scalp with full hair that you can style comfortably. 

The Latest Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery Treatment Methods 

The center uses FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) for accuracy, speed, and lesser downtime. Whichever the treatment method, the doctor discusses it in its entirety and why it is the most suitable for your hair issue.

Remember, too, each treatment technique has its cost, which you can cover at length with the consulting doctor. And finally, the clinic support is highly responsive, and you can quickly schedule an initial online consultation. 

2. Houston Hair Transplant Centre, Houston Hair Transplant

Houston Hair Transplant Centre is a leader in many hair loss solutions, chief among them hair transplantation. The Houston hair transplant clinic uses the FUE latest technologies to restore your full head of hair and prevent further hair loss.

But what makes it highly popular is the excellent environment and affordable fees. Clients enjoy a free consultation and an all-inclusive charge for all the processes, including the actual treatment, follow-up visits, medications, and pre-op lab work.

Neograft, which costs to the tune of $ 20,000 in some of the Houston hair transplant centers, goes for between $ 3000-12000 max here. And if you opt for PRP therapy, the most you can fork out is roughly $1500, which is within reach for anyone struggling with hair loss.

Houston Hair Transplant Centre has other excellent attributes. As already mentioned, their consultation is free and virtual if you cannot physically go to the clinic. With this initial meeting, the highly experienced hair transplant surgical team can diagnose the exact problem.

They will explain if yours is a standard case of hair loss or an underlying medical condition causing it. Whatever the case, the doc recommends only the best treatment options to bring you back to form.

3. Houston Fight Hair Loss, Houston Hair Transplant  

Hair specialists in Houston have excellent reviews for Houston Fight Hair Loss. In addition, the top-tier Houston hair transplant clinic attracts an extensive list of clients due to the good results.

Situated along 9191 Pinecroft Dr. Ste 150 The Woodlands, TX 77380, the center offers many hair restoration treatments, including hair analysis & consultation, Alopecia Areata Treatments, Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Others are hairline lowering surgery and hair transplant. So, whatever hair issue, the medical team at this clinic will certainly sort you out.

The hospital has a dedicated team of qualified doctors who quickly examine, identify the problem, and recommend suitable hair restoration therapy. The clinic uses the latest technologies, including Neograft, for desirable outcomes. Most of the hair transplant procedures are non-invasive or minimally invasive hence undetectable.

I like that Houston Fight Hair Loss values patient confidentiality, and your data is 100% safe and secure. The electronic medical records and monitoring systems in place mean that doctors can keep tabs on your progress, see how you are doing, and provide the appropriate aftercare programs. 

4. Phrc Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center, Houston Hair Transplant

If there is a Houston hair transplant clinic with rave reviews, I would say it is Phrc Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center. Even before the latest and most advanced developments in the hair restoration field, this clinic was already doing its fair share of successful transplants for a period spanning over 30 years.

Reputable hair stylists often recommend the clinic for its impeccable hair restoration/ transplant and hair loss prevention services. With a team of dedicated staff led by Dr. Puig, you will most likely be pleased by the entire hair transplant process and outcome.

The clinic boasts of enormous expertise and professionalism, and your best experience begins from the moment you walk in. The consulting doc will first examine and make a correct diagnosis.

Depending on the appropriate treatment procedure, they will also take you through the step-by-step process of the treatment. For example, the doctor informs you where they will remove the hair follicles.

They explain why they chose the donor area and if there is any downtime. Phrc Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center is also one of the cleanest hair clinics you can ever visit, with friendly staff on standby to answer your queries.

5. Aesthetic Surgery Institute, Houston Hair Transplant

Another Houston hair transplant hospital I would recommend is the Aesthetic Surgery Institute. Why is it top-rated? Because it uses only the most advanced hair transplant methods for the best outcomes. For example, it is one of only two hair restoration centers to adopt AI technology in Houston.

The ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant System uses robotic precision to harvest and ultimately transplant hair follicles. This technology guarantees the most accurate results and a higher hair regrowth success rate.

And since the doc numbs the scalp before the procedure, you do not feel any pain or discomfort, and the process is undetectable. Again, no one will ever know you have had the therapy because it is automated with no scarring. Also, I am sure that you will be visiting your hair salon within a few months as their treatment techniques hardly fail.

The average cost of the robotic hair transplant at Aesthetic Surgery Institute is around $7,500, notwithstanding the number of grafts you receive. However, based on precision and level of accuracy, you get good value for your money.

Finally, the customer support at the clinic surpasses any I have seen. Warm, friendly, and responsive are just a few of the accolades for the Aesthetic Surgery Institute. You can also virtually consult them to get the most appropriate diagnosis and hair restoration therapy.

6. The Clinic for Plastic Surgery, Houston Hair Transplant

Among the best Houston hair transplant clinics is The Clinic for Plastic Surgery. Certified and highly experienced plastic surgery surgeons run the clinic, including Dr. Sukkar, Dr. Steinberg, and Dr. Mark Barlow.

According to customer reviews and testimonials, you wouldn’t get the best consultation and hair transplant procedure anywhere else.

The most used treatment method is Follicular Unit Extraction, a revolutionary new hair transplant therapy that restores your luxurious hair.

The minimally invasive procedure often has the doc removing hair follicles from an identified donor area on your scalp. It then goes to your hair thinning location on the same scalp or the receding hairline. Recently, the clinic has also adapted the FUE-based Neograft treatment method, ensuring accuracy and successful results.

Meanwhile, the highly skilled personnel take you through the entire process, and if you had been freaking out, there wouldn’t be any reason for uneasiness. I like it here because of the less downtime after treatment. For me, I was able to go back to work the very next day. 

What Are the Main Hair Transplant Procedures?

It is never about just getting on with the hair transplant procedure. You also need to know the treatment method for your case. The main hair restoration methods are :

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

This hair restoration method involves extracting hair follicles from a donor area. It can be at the back of your head, chin, back, or chest. The donor site often has a denser amount of hair, and so it’s the most likely place to get the follicles, which go into very tiny slits on the affected scalp area. Recent medical advancement means doctors are now using the latest automated restoration system known as Neograft. Neograft provides more precision and speed than the manual methods previously used.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): 

PRP is a cosmetic hair loss treatment method that utilizes a patient’s blood platelet to trigger hair growth in the problem areas. Platelets often have growth factors key for collagen stimulation and regeneration of tissues. So once the therapist injects them on the scalp area, the blood circulation improves, leading to hair growth in the shortest time possible.

Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS): 

The doc identifies a donor area and extracts a tiny skin piece containing hair follicles. Of course, the simple surgical procedure may leave a little non-noticeable scarring, so you need not freak out.

Criteria for Choosing A Good Hair Transplant Clinic 

It can be daunting not just to have a hair transplant but to pick the most suitable hair transplant clinic to restore your hair. Since we all want perfect and long-term results, the most sensible thing is to do extensive research for the most reliable Houston hair transplant centers. Here is a simple mini guideline to use.

1. Identify the Most Qualified Hair Transplant Surgical Doc/Team

Doing your homework to know who your doctor is can perhaps be the first critical step to getting it right. So be sure the consulting doc/ team has the right medical qualifications, including having graduated from an accredited medical school and being board-certified.

Investigate the credentials of the exact individual that will be handling the procedure to know you’re in the right hands. It includes the number of patients taken on a typical day and the accompanying success rates. You can find this info right on the clinic’s webpage. I suggest you stay away from any Houston hair transplant clinic that hasn’t enough information.

2. Inspect the State of the Clinic’s Facilities

For any procedure, including a hair transplant, only the highest standards in hygiene and care are applicable. So how do you know if your Houston hair transplant center has what it takes? First, I advise you to pay a physical visit to the address, mostly after the initial virtual consultation and before the commencement of any pre-op procedures. The clinic’s accessibility and even the initial welcome are also a telltale sign for you.

3. Schedule for A One-On-One Consultation 

While virtual consultation has been the mode, especially during the pandemic, it is critical to consult face-to-face with your potential hair transplant surgeon. It is only through this meeting that you can know what your condition is and your expectations.

The doc can also ascertain if they have the best treatment options for your hair loss from this meeting. For example, the Houston hair transplant surgeon can explain which hair loss technique works in your case, whether it is FUE or FUT. Knowing the implications, including the cost for each treatment option, enables you to make up your mind.

4. Check the Customized Details for Your Hair Restoration 

A typical hair transplant is unique to you. So, if you are anticipating a completely natural look, you need to know how many grafts it will take to cover your scalp. The treatment plan can only match the donor site capacity, which you must have, or the particular treatment technique could fail.

At this point, the surgeon also notes your full medical history to see if there is an underlying condition causing hair loss. They can also ascertain if there would be any drug counter interactions due to the procedure.

5. Go Through Patient Testimonials

If there is any critical info that can guide you into making the proper Houston hair transplant facility pick, it is the customer reviews and testimonials. In addition, you can check the site and elsewhere to see how successful and long-term hair restoration techniques are. You can also get info about the clinic’s aftercare programs for complete recovery and desirable outcomes.

6. Determine Treatment Affordability

You can only subscribe to a hair transplant clinic and technique you can afford. So, at the very initial consultation, know the consolidated charges for your particular hair restoration procedure.

You need all the info, including if there are any hidden charges in there. Remember, some clinics carry two primary costs-the surgeon’s fee and the inpatient fee. These details are crucial in deciding if you can comfortably meet the overall cost or search elsewhere.

7. Request to See the Before and After Photos

We say seeing is believing, so I caution you not to go for the treatment blindly. Instead, ask to see the available before and after photos of previous clients. Of course, the hair regrowth can take more than half to a year to see full results. But a reputable clinic would have years of results to showcase.

Final Remarks

It is an uncomfortable thing to lose your hair. It is also a huge task to pick the best Houston hair transplant clinic to achieve the perfect hair regrowth results. But now, finding the right one does not have to be complicated stuff based on the above criteria.

Use the tips as a mini-guide to get the best doctor credentials, location, accessibility, care facilities, and cost. If you peruse through any of the clinics I mentioned, they have some of the best surgeons and facilities. In addition, some of them are affordable, enabling anyone to meet the cost requirements of some of the most sophisticated hair transplants.

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