Top 7 Hair Colors to Try for the Fall


With fall right around the corner, it’s time to bid adieu to the summer-ready sunny blonde and brunette coloring and look for a new shade to welcome the new season with. Time to start thinking about your apple or pumpkin picking Instagram pictures and what color or tone you want your hair colors to be. Should you look to test out some subtle amber highlights or go big and bold and test out a scarlet red color? What will go best with your cutest fall jacket? Keep in mind that as the temperature drops and the weather gets cold, the trend shifts towards warmer colors.

With the availability of hundreds of fall colors, choosing the right one can be pretty overwhelming. So, where do you even begin? 

We have you covered! To make it easier, we have handpicked our top favorite fall hair colors that will be absolutely trending this fall! 

Scarlet Red, Hair Colors for the Fall

Our first pick is a fierce scarlet red. This color became a staple trend earlier this year, and the color doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. There is nothing wrong with being on-trend! This particular shade of red looks equally fantastic for a range of skin tones and highlights your facial features when your skin goes pale in the cold. Ensure that the shade has the right blend of red and hints of brown to get authentic scarlet red locks. One of our salon professionals can help you find the perfect shade:

Burgundy, Hair Colors for the Fall

Another brilliant shade inspired by red is a deep Burgundy. Again, you can take some inspiration from pop star Olivia Rodrigo, who is rocking a deep and shiny shade of burgundy. The color adds a warm hue to your hair and frames your face to stand out. Some will be afraid of trying this color out of fear that they may get a purplish color. However, with the right salon professional and discussing what color is best for your current hair, this look can be more powerful than purple!

Amber Highlights, Hair Colors for the Fall

Not everyone is a fan of reds and is looking for something a little more understated. Consider a subtle amber highlight for a regal and glowing look. The key to nailing this style is to keep the color elusive instead of letting the color dominate you. It might help if you take a look at tennis player Naomi Osaka’s. Naomi has been rocking brown hair framed with subtle amber highlights for some time now. This particular blend of color looks even more brilliant when it dazzles in the sunlight, so make sure to spend time outside and let the sun hit you perfectly in all of your photos!

Classic Black with a New Twist, Hair Colors for the Fall

Black can never be boring if you know how to style it the right way. Take a look at famous model Bella Hadid’s new look. You will see that the pitch-black hue has subtle red undertones. This classic combination not only makes your face look thinner, but it’s also a perfect choice for the fall. If you are feeling extra bold, you can double up the undertones with red and orange.

Baby Pink on Blond, Hair Colors for the Fall

If you have blond hair, summer is your time to shine! Who doesn’t want those beautiful golden locks following in the ocean breeze? And although there are rumors that blondes have more fun, what is more fun than switching up your style? This fall, try a new sobering color that highlights your features without being too flashy. Summer colors are about bold and bright, while fall colors focus more on warmer subtle tones. In this case, the perfect pick for you may be a baby pink. Let the color be the darkest at the ends and gently fade as it rises to meet the blonde areas. Against the cold weather, baby pink stands out as a happy and warm color.

Silver Streaks, Hair Colors for the Fall

There was a time when silver streaks were only considered as a sign of old age, but that is no longer the case. Older generations might think people are insane for wanting their hair grey, but dying your hair grey now would put you in the likes of Lady Gaga or singer Pink! Fall is the perfect time to flaunt glossy silver streaks. The best part of this trend is they go well with most natural hair colors. The shade looks sharp and classy, which is the perfect match for all your fall outfits.

Honey Babylights

Let’s be honest; it’s hard to give up the feeling and warmth of summer. If you want to retain the sun-kissed look of summer with you into the fall, you should definitely opt for honey babylights. Being much more subtle than highlights, the warm color will blend well with your natural hair and give you that sunny beach-like look even in the fall. The appeal of these babylights is they can boost your confidence by giving the appearance of being fancy, and who doesn’t want to look fancy? These babylights also pair well with your entire fall wardrobe!


Trends and styles keep evolving as the seasons pass. However, hair color does not just cater to your hair. Each color has a different impact on your facial features and brings out an entirely new personality. Not to mention a bold new hair color can add a touch of flare to an outfit. With one of our top 7 hair color picks, you can expect to win both a new sense of confidence and turn all heads as you walk down the chilly fall streets.

If you aren’t sure what color would work best for you and your current hair color, Image Salon Studios partners with Salon Professionals in Houston that are available to help guide you to the perfect fall color. To find a stylist for your hair, visit; 

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