9 Ways to Create a Calming Salon Experience for Your Client

a hairdresser and her relaxed client

Everyone who has ever been to a crowded salon knows that it can be overwhelming. The person has already made the decision to change up their look or try something new, but now they also have to look around and see opened and unopened products all over the place, cords coming out of the wall in all different directions and magazines from 2007 taking up space on the counters and tables. What the client wants is a calming salon experience.

The advantage of owning your own space is to be able to create a calming and organized space for your client to come and relax. Having a comfortable space can put them at ease and make it easier for them to convey to you what they want done. A client who is in a good mood can only make your job that much easier. 

So how do you make it a calming salon environment for your client? We have nine tips that will get you started and are easy to do!

Plants Can Create a Calming Salon Experience

Plants not only look great, but they also increase levels of positive energy and can reduce stress levels. Having a small number of plants (don’t go too crazy) around your space can bring a calming energy to both you and your client. Having these plants in good health can also send a subtle message that you are responsible and caring (great to convey to first-time customers)! Place the plants in pots or containers that can be a conversation piece for you and your client.

Put Artwork on the Walls 

Similar to plants, artwork on the walls can also bring a calming atmosphere vibe to your salon and can help make the client feel more at home. Anything to take away any anxiety that many clients do feel, especially if this is their first time with you and they haven’t built up any trust yet. Pick art that is bright and happy and will liven up the room. Pick art that you genuinely like and just like plants; use it as a conversation piece.

Bring a Speaker to Play Music (Softly)

Playing calm music at a low level can help cover up any silences in conversation and help calm the nerves of the client (or you). However, ensure not to play anything inappropriate or music that is too loud or unnerving. The goal is to keep the client happy and engaged with you; anything else can cause a distraction and a possible miscommunication during their service.

Keep the Salon Space Clean

When clients come to you, they are trusting you with keeping them and their hair safe. If the environment is dirty or not cleaned in-between clients, this can send a message that you may not be the right person to do their hair. Keep the space tidy and clean between clients as much as possible. Wipe down all equipment and shared spaces, as well as keep air fresheners around to keep the environment renewed throughout the day. In a salon space, there is no such thing as too clean!

Keep Products Organized on a Shelf, Calming Salon Experience

Having an organized environment is almost as important as having a clean environment. In fact, being disorganized and leaving products and tools around can lead to having a dirty salon space. Keep all products you use and offer to your clients on clean shelves in an orderly manner. For an extra touch, color organize them to add a little bit of flair to that section of your salon. This tip can double as a great Instagram post (show off that color organization)!

Organize Tools and the Cords, Calming Salon Experience

We all know that a salon owner’s hair tools are used on multiple people, but we don’t want the client to be thinking about that during their service. If your space and tools look messy and unorganized, that is where many people’s first thought will be. Instead, purchase a shelf or tool organizer to house all your equipment when not in use. Secondly, make sure the cords are organized and not tangled up in each other. You don’t want to take up your client’s time by untangling cords, so keep them organized, to begin with for a better experience for your client. 

Create a Menu of All Services, Calming Salon Experience

A lot of clients will be referrals or from some form of advertising. They may not know all the services you offer, so let them know! Create a framed poster, or better yet, decorate a cute blackboard with your service menu and pricing. This way, if you offer services outside of what they are currently there for, it will be top of mind. If you see them eyeing it throughout their appointment, offer them a small discount on another service to entice them to come back to you!

Keep the Garbage Hidden Away, Calming Salon Experience

No one wants to see or, even worse, smell garbage! If you can, try to hide your garbage away in another room or get a small cabinet that you can easily hide it within. Especially ensure that wherever you dispose of hair cannot be seen by any of your clients. Make your clients feel like this salon space and environment is just for them.

Stay Positive & Keep Up Conversation, Calming Salon Experience 

Besides creating a calming physical salon experience, create an emotional one as well. Talk to your clients in a calming voice. Keep up positive conversations and show interest in who they are and what they have going on in their life. People underestimate how much being asked questions about yourself can create a connection. 

Your salon is a reflection of you! And is a person’s very first glimpse into what they are expecting from your service. Have fun and decorate your space to your liking but keep these tips in mind to keep things calm and organized. A happy customer is a customer who will keep coming back and will refer their friends and family to you!

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