7 Ideal Places to Sell Used Salon Equipment in Houston

Used salon equipment for sale

Do you wish to sell your used salon equipment in Houston? The truth is there will always be someone who wishes to get what you intend to dispose of. Interestingly, not everybody wants to buy brand new equipment because they are expensive, and some people believe used items are more durable. 

I can’t tell how true that is because practically used items are supposed to have a reduced lifespan, but the point is… there will always be a ready market for your used salon equipment in Houston.

There are many reasons you may want to sell your salon equipment, for example, to get an upgrade or you have closed shop and want to dispose of your used salon equipment. Whichever the case, you need to know where you can sell because your options are limited. Additionally, competition is also stiff. 

But that should not worry you. There is always someone out there willing to buy your staff. 

So here is a list of the places you can sell your used salon equipment in Houston.

#1. ALA Salon Equipment Warehouse, Where to Sell Used Salon Equipment in Houston

ALA salon equipment warehouses are dealers in salon equipment, including furniture, driers, carts, and mobile stations. They can buy your equipment and sell it to potential clients who need salon equipment in Houston. They open every Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 5.00 pm. In addition, they have excellent customer service according to reviews from previous clients.

#2. 2nd Debut Furniture Resale, Where to Sell Used Salon Equipment in Houston

They also buy and sell used equipment so long as they are in good condition. All you need to do is email 2nd Debut furniture resale a photo of the equipment or take it to the shop. They are located at 10968 Westheimer Houston, Texas. Once you present the items you intend to sell, they evaluate and set a price, then place the items on sale for you.

#3. Cort Furniture Outlet, Where to Sell Used Salon Equipment in Houston

Cort furniture outlet is another reliable seller for your used salon equipment in Houston. They will accept your equipment provided it is in good condition and help you dispose of it at a reasonable price. They are located at Richmond Avenue Houston. 

#4. Facebook, Used Salon Equipment in Houston

Presently the world is engrossed in social media. You can take advantage of the human traffic on Facebook and post your used salon equipment on Facebook for a quick sale. Also, take advantage of the Facebook ads to boost your chances of landing potential buyers on Facebook. You can also sell on the Facebook buy and sell group. 

#5. eBay, Where to Sell Used Salon Equipment in Houston

eBay is another site that you can leverage to help you sell your used salon equipment. All you need to do is create an informative description of your product and the price. It’s advisable to add high-quality photos of the item to make it more descriptive. Potential customers who visit the site will bid for the product. It’s free to list items, but once you sell, there is a fee for you to pay. Go ahead and do a quick google search on how to sell on eBay from Houston. Follow the guidelines and make a listing. 

selling salon equipment on eBay

#6. Gumtree, Where to Sell Used Salon Equipment in Houston

It is pretty much similar to eBay, only that with Gumtree, there is no bidding. Also, it is a free site, so you don’t need to pay a listing fee. Once you list your used salon equipment, potential buyers will see the product and buy it. You may also choose to pay for better ranking when buyers search for a similar item to what you are selling. First, you need to set up an account, and then go ahead and post an ad with your equipment.

Posting an AD on gumtree

#7. Shpock, Where to Sell Used Salon Equipment in Houston

You can also use a Shpock app to sell your used salon equipment fast. More than 10 million people access Shpock, so you are guaranteed that someone will stumble upon your items and decide to buy them off. Again it’s not a paid site, so you save on the listing fee. Buyers who wish to have their products delivered may charge a small protection fee. 

What if you sell your used salon equipment as the last option after the business has gone down? Is there hope for you?

Of course. I’ve got something for you if you’ve ever considered salon booth rental.

Image Salon Studios

They will not buy off your used salon equipment, but they will give you a flexible way of owning a salon in Houston. Image salon studios is a booth rental salon on a whole new level. They have a collection of mini salons under one premise supplied with everything you need to run your business. 

Once you take up one of the salons, you are free to decorate and customize it the way you want. The best thing is, you don’t pay more than the standard booth rental rates. So, you get to own a salon with salon equipment in Houston at an affordable rate and with better profit margins.

 Additionally, you are free to make your appointments and set your prices. If you want to learn more about image salon studios, you can check their website or visit Royal Oaks Village,11693 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas.

All right, let’s continue…

For you to find a client fast, for your used salon equipment in Houston, you need to play smart. There are a dozen other sellers out there, and you need to make a good deal out of your equipment. 

Factors to Consider Before Selling Your Used Salon Equipment  

Consider current market rates and improvements

You have to look at the current market price for the products you wish to sell to make sure you set a reasonable price lest you fail to get a buyer. On the other hand, you don’t want to underprice your equipment. You might also be disadvantaged if the current models have significantly improved features that your used model lacks.

Do repairs and clean up

To fetch a good deal for your used salon equipment, you need to clean them up and ensure they are in good working condition. In case they are broken, make sure to get the necessary repairs done. Remember that whoever will buy your equipment will be pointing out the defects for you to lower the price. So, the better your gear is when you present it to a buyer, the better the deal you are likely to make. 

Stage and photograph your equipment 

Whether you are looking to sell to a dealer or an online platform, it’s essential to have clear photos of the item. That is because dealers will need to have a look at the equipment, and you may not be in a position to carry the equipment everywhere. With clear photos taken from the right angles, selling on online platforms also gets easier. Even before the clients come to see your used salon equipment, they already know what they expect. Don’t underestimate the power of a good product photo.

Create compelling descriptions

This point applies if you are selling your equipment online. Selling used salon equipment in Houston might be troublesome if you don’t have the correct information presented to your buyers. A good description creates confidence in the buyer, reducing the questions your buyers are likely to ask. An informative description is a great selling point.

Take precaution

We all tend to overtrust. Remember, the people you are selling to are not your friends, and you probably have never met them. Not everyone has the right motives. So it’s good to ensure you carry out the trade-in in a public place and preferably during the day. That way, chances of being conned are minimal. 

How to Determine the Cost of Your Used Salon Equipment

1. Sales Comparison

By sales comparison, you look at the current price of similar equipment in the market then consider the depreciation rate of your equipment, damages, and the remaining use lifespan of the equipment. If you have not used the equipment for long since purchased and there are no visible damages, the equipment is likely to get you a good deal.

2. Customization 

You may have customized your equipment for better performance. Again consider the cost of customization. The equipment might not have a market value for you to make a comparison. So here, you have to value it depending on the cost you have incurred to have the equipment in the current condition. 

3. Returns to the Buyer

Here, it is essential to think about the buyer’s income from the equipment you sell them. The buyer knows they are getting an investment. And the returns on investment must count, so you must give them a reasonable price without getting disadvantaged on your end.

4. Urgency and Motive

How badly do you want to sell your used salon equipment and why? You might be selling your equipment to generate money urgently. On the other hand, you could also be selling your equipment to dispose of it and create space for something else. For these two reasons, you may be okay with whatever offer you get for your equipment. But if you have time to wait for the right buyer, you can set a price and wait for a good deal.

It’s a struggle to sell used salon equipment in Texas, especially if you have only been a hairstylist before because not everybody is a genuine buyer. For example, the first time I tried selling a blow dryer, two people wanted to corn me. It’s not safe out there. In addition, salon equipment in Houston is always in demand. But don’t worry; I got you with some hacks I’ve learned along the way.

How to Tell a Genuine Buyer from a Con

They ask more questions

According to recent studies, buyers who are genuinely interested in your products tend to ask more questions and seek clarification regarding the condition of your equipment. Therefore, a con may miss the mark. It doesn’t mean everybody who doesn’t ask questions is a scam but be keen to notice the overall interest in the buyer.

Planned mode of payment

If you ask a con how they intend to pay for the used salon equipment you are selling to them, they will probably beat around the bush or give you several options. On the other hand, a serious buyer already knows where the money is, and they will get you a straight answer.

Displaying disinterest

As a negotiation trick, most serious buyers will act disinterested and displeased with what you are offering. Some will point out the defects in your equipment and make you feel like your price is exaggerated. All they want to achieve is a lower price and eventually get the deal. Most cons will be okay with everything because they hurry to close the deal and scam you. 


Genuine buyers are composed and patient. They will go through every stage calmly until you hand over the equipment. Cons will tend to harry you through the process. In most cases, they will even express interest in other equipment you may be selling before completing the first transaction. Others will try to coax you to deliver the equipment before receiving payment to a location of their choice. It would help if you were very cautious to avoid falling into such traps.


There will always be someone willing to buy your used salon equipment in Houston because new equipment is expensive and, according to some, believes they don’t last long.

ALA beauty salon equipment warehouse, 2nd debut furniture resale, and Cort furniture outlet are some of the dealers who can buy your used salon equipment in Houston.

The other option is to sell through social media, for example, Facebook. Alternatively, sell on trade platforms like eBay, Gumtree, or Shpock.

Before you decide to sell your used salon equipment in Houston, you need to consider the current market price of new equipment and improvements in the current models. That will help you set a reasonable price. 

To get a good deal, make sure you clean up your used equipment and make the necessary repairs.

If you are selling online, take clear photos and create compelling product descriptions to make it easier for the buyer to evaluate the product.

To determine the price of your used salon equipment, consider the cost of customization if your equipment is customized for better performance. The returns to the buyer and the cost of new equipment should also help you determine the price of your equipment.

If you urgently need money or to dispose of the item, you can take up any reasonable offer you get for the equipment.

Be cautious when dealing with buyers. Not everybody is to be trusted. Meet your clients in an open public space. Genuine clients have their money ready, they ask more questions about the equipment, and in most cases, they display disinterest as a bargaining trick.

If you want to sell your used salon equipment in Houston, follow the advice in this article keenly, and you will be a happy seller. If you have been looking forward to doing business with booth rental salons, Image Salon Studios is giving the best deals so far in Houston. Reach out to them and become a satisfied salon owner.

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