Top 10 Nail Salons Near Me in Houston Texas


Top 10 Nail Salons Near Me in Houston Texas

I don’t know about you, but whenever I get my nails done at a nail salon near me, I feel like her highness, the queen of Morocco. Somebody, get me a hand fan, please! 

Getting my nails polished and glittering gives me a boost of self-confidence. I don’t mind holding a glass of wine with the tips of my fingers flaunting my nails in the company of a handsome man. Excuse me! 

For those who keep asking how the hell I manage to wash my dishes with my long sexy nails, don’t worry, I’m getting back to you. 

I constantly research for the best nail salons near me for the love of finely polished nails because I love the quality. Since I moved to Houston, I’ve managed to sample a few while others lay on my waiting list. Here are some of the best nail salons near me in Houston.

#1. Nails and Beauty by Hannah in Houston, Nail Salon Near Me

Allow me to say that so far, this has given me the best experience, and I have to blame them for the delayed visits to other nail salons near me in Houston. Nails and Beauty by Hannah are located at Image salons Royal Oaks on 11693 Westheimer Road Houston, Texas 77077, studio number 119.

The place is exquisitely designed with a touch of class. One thing that stole my heart is their excellent customer service. They offer manicure and pedicure services paying attention to detail to give that fine finish you dread. You want to visit them because all this praise might get you thinking they paid me up for a sales copy. They didn’t. 

#2. The Beauty Retreat Co, Nail Salon Near Me

What I liked most about the Beauty Retreat Co during my sampling is their fast service. I don’t particularly appreciate staying long in the salon. But, if you are like me, you will enjoy the powder dipping followed by a clear polish application for fast drying without the need for any drying process or a special drying lamp. 

The Beauty Retreat is also located at Image salons Royal Oaks, 11693 Westheimer road, studio number 119. They offer manicure and pedicure services that will leave you feeling like a little princess. You can contact them to schedule an appointment. 

#3. Milano Nails Spa the Heights, Nail Salon Near Me

Let’s start with the complimentary drinks that accompany the excellent service. They offer wines, coffee, tea, cocktails, you name it. In addition, they have a wide range of dip powder, acrylic, and shellac options to choose from. To top it up, students can enjoy a discounted rate provided you produce your student’s card. Isn’t that awesome? And, the manicures come with soothing hand massages and warm towel wraps. I love pampering, so this salon had to be on my list of the best nail salons near me in Houston.  They are located at 2799 Katy FWY #130 Houston, Texas 77007. 

#4. Sweet Moment Nail and Pedi Spa, Nail Salon Near Me

The first thing that drew me in was the name itself because sweet is attractive. Then I had a closer look into sweet moments at the spa, and I wasn’t disappointed. Amidst the pedicure and manicure, you get a calming shoulder and hand massage. Then you can enjoy a wide range of products to choose from for your nails. They have acrylics, shellac, and dip powder at their best. They also have pedicure packages for men so that you can tag your man along. 

The Sweet moment nail and Pedi Spa is located at 5821 Kirby, Dr. Houston, Texas. 

#5. Gloss Nail Bar, Nail Salon Near Me

They have unique manicure and pedicure package options for you to choose from. Some examples include sunrise punch, mint mojito, and mochatini. Additionally, the customer service at Gloss nail bar is commendable, not forgetting that they will serve you with your choice of complimentary drink as you wait to get shiny. The gloss nail bar is located at 504W Gray, street-B, Houston, Texas. So just pay them a visit to sample the goodness. 

#6. Sojourn de Nails, Nail Salon Near Me

Sojourn de Nails has a relaxing environment with beautiful decor and comfy chairs to enjoy as the technicians work on your nails. Top on their menu is a lovely manicure, pedicure, complimentary drinks, and free Wi-Fi to wave off boredom. The staff is friendly and attentive to ensure they deliver according to your specifications. Satisfaction is their fundamental goal. That’s why they offer a fully customizable manicure package called the personal. I love it when I receive that kind of special attention. Thus Sojourn de nails had its way into my list of the best nail salons near me in Houston. They are located at 1625 main street suite A-2 Houston. 

#7. Secret Escape Nail Lounge in Houston, Nail Salon Near Me

Here is yet another reliable nail salon. They have a wide selection of polish, including dip powder, acrylic, shellac, and gel. In addition, they offer manicure and pedicure services accompanied by a relaxing, scented foot bath and hand massage. Something unique about the Secret Escape nail lounge is that it has price waivers up to 20% for students on Wednesdays, provided they have a school ID. But that’s not all… the 20% discount is also available for teachers and medical personnel. Moreover, you get complimentary drinks along with the service. The nail salon is located at 2272 W Holcombe Blvd, Houston, Texas. 

#8. Chick Nails and Spa Houston, Nail Salon Near Me  

Chick Nails and Spa opened in 2008. That means that the kinds of staff who will be handling your nails are well experienced. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be served by someone who is not so sure how to get your nails looking ‘hot.’ They create designer nails, acrylic, dip powder nails, holographic nails, 3d nails, and chrome nails. They are located at 5945 Bellaire BLVD Houston, Texas. Reviews from previous clients also tell a story of satisfaction. So, congratulations, chick nails, and spa. You also got to be on the list of the best nail salons near me in Houston. 

#9. Borgata Nail Salon, Nail Salon Near Me

The uniqueness of Borgata nail salon lies in the use of organic herbal products like eucalyptus, rosemary, or peppermint in manicures and pedicures. If you are a cut above the rest, you must be among my favorite nail salons.

You can visit Borgata for acrylic removal, gel removal, polish change, nails art, or hand and feet massage. You can also view more of their services on their website. At the Borgata nail salon, they have taken hygiene seriously. They use individual nail files, buffers, and sterilized equipment for nail shaping. 

They are located at 2626 Yale Street, Houston, Texas 77008. Feel free to visit them or book an appointment online. 

Last on my list of the best nail salons near me in Houston, Texas

#10. The Mobile Manicurist, Nail Salon Near Me

For those with a busy schedule, I’ve got you covered. The mobile manicurist specializes in all things nails, and they bring the services to your doorstep. Services on their menu include acrylic nail removal, foot massage, pink and white complete set, and gel fill-in.

They have very positive reviews from previous clients, which means they must be doing a great job. Besides, they offer a very convenient way of accessing services while avoiding congestion in these pandemic times. So, for example, you can book an appointment to have your nails done in the comfort of your home.

While some of us cannot do without a proper nail treatment every so often, some people never seem to understand why one would spend the whole day in a nail salon. So, allow me to highlight some benefits.

Essential Benefits of Manicure and Pedicure Treatment

Good health and hygiene

Getting a nail cleanup eliminates bacterial and fungal infections that may result from poor hygiene. Additionally, the cleanup encourages the growth of new cells.


Getting a manicure or pedicure treatment allows you to relax. It enables you to have some time to yourself as you are being treated, to let go of your daily stressors, and for a moment, focus on yourself.

Blood circulation

A good pedicure or manicure includes a massage to the feet and hands, which is a good way of enhancing blood circulation to the periphery. 

Look good, feel good

The overall effect you get is of self-importance. You get a boost of self-esteem, and additionally, you look attractive to those around you. I don’t know about you, but I can’t keep calm after getting my nails done.

How Often Should You Get a Pedicure and a Manicure?

According to experts, visiting a mani-pedi expert is okay every 4 to 6 weeks if your feet and hands are healthy. Those with issues with their feet should visit a pedicure expert every three to four weeks. 

During the hot seasons, the feet are more exposed since most people stay in sandals or barefoot. That means your feet need more care during those times.

It’s also advisable not to overdo pedicure and manicure treatments. During the process, unwanted keratinized skin is removed through exfoliation. However, excessively done exfoliation leads to skin blistering, cracking of nails, and excess callus formation. And that is why you should always go to the right nail salon. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Nail Salon

1. Cleanliness

It would be best to go to a place where hygiene is a tier-one priority because nail salons use many cutting, buffing, and scrubbing tools. In a dirty place, the likelihood of being treated with tools that are not properly sterilized is high. That means you can pick infections from such a place.

2. Excellent customer service

A nail salon is a place where you are supposed to relax, settle down, and be pampered. So you have to make sure the kind of place you choose offers you that opportunity. The seats should be comfortable, some soothing music and drinks should be available. Don’t go to a chaotic place and expect good service.

3. Expertise

Check that you are dealing with a professional. I know you wouldn’t want a situation where somebody messes up with your nails, breaks them, or hurts you in the process. But, again, it is good to have someone you can rely on if you have some questions related to your pedicure and manicure services.

4. Reasonable prices

Check that the service you get is priced reasonably. I have seen some nail salons near me in Houston try to extort people while the service they offer is the same as in other places. Always make sure you pay for value.

5. Quality product

One last thing to check is the quality of products your nail salon is using. Poor quality products can cause your nails to crack or your skin to react. Additionally, inferior quality products make your pedicure and manicure not last for long. Always make sure that the kinds of products being used on you are from reputable companies.

As I look for the best nail salons near me in Houston, those are the essential qualifying factors I always consider.

Here is something special for you, nail lovers.

Hacks to Make Your Manicure Last Longer

Swab your nails with white vinegar before applying your base coat to avoid product buildup.

Use cuticle oil to soften your cuticles instead of water before applying the base coat. Nails may retain water, which may spoil the overall outcome.

Use a sticky base coat and ensure you apply two layers of base coats to the edges near the tips of your fingers because they are more prone to chipping.

Never shake your nail polish up and down before applying, as that may cause the formation of bubbles. Bubbles make paint chip-off fast.

Apply a clear topcoat up to three times a week to prevent chipping. Also, apply nail oil daily to prevent drying and cracking.

File down your nail tips when they start to chip and apply a topcoat layer. You can also use glitters to cover an overgrown manicure.

Use gloves while doing your household chores like washing dishes to protect your nails. It’s also advisable to wash your hands with soap and water instead of using sanitizers which are quite aggressive and might cause your paint to dry and chip.


Getting a manicure or a pedicure boosts your self-confidence, and it makes you look attractive. In addition, the massage you get during the process aids in blood circulation to the peripheral tissues. Pedicures and manicures also help you to relax and improve your health and personal hygiene.

Consider getting a mani-pedi every 4 to 6 months to keep your feet and hands healthy. Your feet are more exposed during the hot season and therefore need more care during those seasons. Check not to overdo manicures and pedicures because that may lead to cracking of nails and formation of blisters on your skin.

When choosing the right salon, ensure that the place is clean. The seats should be comfortable, and the overall environment should allow you to feel relaxed.

The right salon should use quality products for your pedicure and manicure. In addition, they should give you excellent customer service and reasonable prices for the commendable service.

In my quest for the best nail salons near me in Houston, Texas, the salons discussed above have impressed me, and I know they will also serve you right. So visit them and enjoy refreshing mani-pedi sessions.

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