The Future of Hair Salon Space for Lease in Houston

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If the latest hair care industry news is anything to go by, Houston ranks among the cities with trendy hairstyles. It means most visit a hair salon regularly for hair washes, conditioning, hairstyling/ cuts, and other essential salon services. And it also implies a need for more hair salon establishments in the city. Combined with a very vibrant real estate clientele eager for hair salon space for lease in Houston, the future can only get brighter.

Remember, several aspects work in sync for the best hair salon business environment. Favorable federal / state policies and licenses, business registration legalities, and affordable salon rental space. But that is not all. Before you sign on that dotted line, see if the hair salon space for lease in Houston provides all the convenience that enables you to rake in the profits without too much hassle. For example, an ideal rental space should have a functional hair salon’s warmth and spa feel. Here are other considerations;

1. Affordability

For your hair salon business to break even, it all starts with the lease. The less expensive, the easier you can implement your budget. So go for a hair salon space for lease in Houston that is weekly or month-to-month. There shouldn’t be any reason at all for your real estate partners to tie you into a long-term commitment. Chances are you might decide to opt-out of the rental space after a while.

Meanwhile, low lease rates are crucial to keeping your overheads down as you bring in more profits. In this case, check that all utilities are part of the lease. Save for your phone expenses, ensure any other payment goes into the lease. Again startup costs can undermine your hair salon business efforts, so ensure the rental suite has the equipment to minimize expenses associated with ruining a brand new hair salon business.

2. Luxurious ambiance

Your customers wouldn’t be coming nonstop if it weren’t for the comfort and relaxation they find at your hair salon. It is why anyone who walks into your hair salon space for lease in Houston should experience the most welcoming atmosphere. Think of the bright lighting, dramatic water features, and clean interiors to set the mood for an enjoyable hair pampering session.

Once more, your clients need to feel utterly comfortable, so those multiple seating areas with excellent air conditioning are vital for your hair salon. A hair salon space for lease in Houston landlord now knows that optimum ambiance starts at the design stage of the lease space. But then the suite finishes, say, those ten to twelve-foot ceilings are a must-have now. The swank flooring, a door window, and even scenic views are some of the elements you must investigate before you append your signature.

Did you know that most hair salon spaces should provide complimentary extras as a strategy to attract repeat clients? For example, free Wi-Fi for your clients is necessary at a salon because it enables busy clients to carry on with their business as they wait in line for their hairstylist.

3. Customer/receptionist support

A typical hair salon can be a busy one. But clients also need some attention with someone on standby to answer their queries. A quality hair salon space for lease in Houston should be able to offer this service for your salon. Remember you cant simultaneously handle hair and at the same time address arising clientele issues, and so the customer support element comes in handy at all times.

Other facilities that provide convenience

Any hair salon space for lease in Houston that works to your advantage should have some essential amenities, including credit card machines. These services can help amp sales with your customers paying for services right there using their credit card.

Another service that offers ultimate convenience and your hair salon space for lease in Houston should factor in is a scheduling and merchandise app. The software enables you to make appointments. But you can also charge for your hair salon service and control the entire schedule using the same app.

How about a break room where you can retreat to refresh and grab tea on toast. The perfect salon should have this primary area and be equipped with necessities such as a microwave and sink. A seating area in the same room would be so much worth it. Something else to note is those on-site laundry spaces where you can utilize commercial equipment for washing and fast drying.

If the lease has abundant parking space, then that is also a big plus for your business. It enables your clients to freely and safely have somewhere to leave their vehicles as they come in for pampering. And finally the lease offers 24-hour security accompanied by a camera monitoring system. These are the fine prints to check.

Getting started with hair salon space

While most hair salon businesses are eager to grab a hair salon space for lease in Houston, they still have no clue where to start with thousands of listings popping up online each day. It can all be overwhelming. Yet, the process is simple. Here is how to get started.

Once you identify a hair salon space for lease in Houston that you think could work for you, the first thing you can do is:

  • Call: initiating contact helps you schedule an appointment to know if the real estate company has the suitable space for your hair salon needs.
  • Conduct a tour: during the property tour, you can utilize the checklist mentioned above to see if the hair salon has all the features, conveniences, and ambiance for a profitable hair salon business. In addition, see if the space also meets your budgetary requirements, as you can only lease if you can afford it.
  • Sign the lease: the next and perhaps final step is to sign the lease. It doesn’t take much after you ascertain the space fits your expectations. And remember, short-term rather than long-term commitments work much better as you might change your mind along the way.


Hair salon spaces are all the rave right now, and the trend seems to permeate the future. But not any space can work to your advantage. So check thoroughly to see that the lease you sign is affordable and has the ambiance and convenience for the ultimate comfort of your clients. A good salon space can minimize your overheads and amp your profit margin with the right features and amenities.

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