What Actually Causes Frizz and How to Fix Frizzy Hair

Example of frizzy hair

If you are right in the middle of a bad hair day due to frizz, you are not alone in this. Most people own up to how annoying, frustrating, and time-consuming how to fix frizzy hair can be. Sometimes the product range and costs to manage the hair situation can be staggering. Yet, all you want is neat, straight and smooth, healthy-looking hair. 

But why does frizz occur in the first place? I noticed the problem mainly occurs when the air is humid or I ran a warmer shower through my hair. Salon and hair specialists say lack of sufficient moisture on both the scalp and hair makes hair much drier, causing frizz. 

Whenever you check out several hair salons sites, one of the leading questions is how to fix frizzy hair. Of course, we shouldn’t all go nuts about curly hair. Some of it presents the best and fun frizzy curls ever. Still, a defined cleaner look can be what most of us would want, and hence the frizz must somehow go. 

Other Primary Causes of Hair Frizz

Even if the most prominent cause of frizz is the muggy weather, especially during the summer, there are other likely causes that you must know. So let’s take a peek at some of the culprits for that unattractive kinky look.

1. Harsh Hair Products 

Authoritative hairstyling sources say it is not just over-cleansing that can strip your hair of its protective barrier. Instead, if you consistently use aggressive cleansers and treatments on your hair, they begin to shred off that defense barrier, critical for keeping essential moisture in the hair cuticles.

The scalp also produces sufficient amounts of natural oils, whose work includes smoothing your hair. So, if you use harsher hair color or perms, the outcome can often be hair dryness and breakage. Remember, too, hair products containing alcohol or sulfates can have a significant toll on the cuticle, making your hair go wild and difficult to tame.

2. Hot Water for Hair

One of the common causes of dry and hence frizzy hair is washing you with boiling water. Hair experts say hot water for hair has the same harmful effects as humidity and can be traumatic on both the scalp and hair. 

3. Rough and Open Cuticle


Ideally, the cuticle layer, which appears like tiny shingles, lies flat. But when you expose it to high humidity and moisture levels, it opens up. Any damage can also make the cuticle open with gaps in the overlapping hair cells. As the essential moisture escapes, the humidity quickly enters and disrupts your hair’s hydrogen bonds. A combination of these aspects makes a perfect recipe for dryness and, ultimately, frizz. Only by urgently sealing the cuticle can you escape the frizz and retain healthier and glossy hair.

4. Environmental Triggers

While harsh cleaners are key suspects for hair damage, various environmental factors can also be why you have curly hair. Typical examples are heat and UV rays. Do you aggressively brush and comb your hair every other time you get the chance? Too much of it, including aggressive towel-drying, can upset the cuticle and weaken the hair making it susceptible to frizz. 

5. Hair Dryness

Sometimes we neglect our hair leaving it dry sans the much-needed moisturization regime. The more you leave it unattended, the more it soaks up any moisture, however harmful. Like a sponge, it will be hungrily looking for anything to thirst- quench, hence infusing available humidity from the air. It wouldn’t take long before it starts to misbehave.

How to Fix Frizzy Hair

A considerable percentage of people admit to battling frizz regularly and want to find ways on how to fix frizzy hair. Perhaps they are tired of the inconvenience a typical frizz can be. Detangling can be overwhelming not just in terms of time but even product use. Yet it is like a raw deal, especially during those hot summers.

What could be the reason for that epic failure? If you stay too long without applying your anti-frizz product to your frizzy hair, it cannot be easy to detangle. I must also stress how much your dry hair is keen to seep in moisture.

If you aren’t moisturizing enough, be sure your hair will look for it elsewhere. And the result is lots of frizz from the ever-present humidity in the atmosphere. But you shouldn’t despair. Here is how to fix frizzy hair.

1. Get Rid of the Split Ends

A good haircut is all you need If you want to know how to fix frizzy hair. According to hair pros, cutting off the split ends helps remove the dry, dead ends that contribute to frizz. Unfortunately, split ends are a sneaky lot that can make way along the strand, causing damage and entanglement.

Assuming your location has high humidity, I suggest you go for the blunt line cut. It is a cut that keeps the hair weight within the style. It also holds the hair down and prevents further curling.

2. Use a Gentler Shampoo

Another way to fix frizzy hair is to use the right and most gentle shampoo for your hair. Top hair experts say that if your hair is frequently frizz-prone, it is essential never to use sulfate and alcohol-based shampoos. These shampoo types are known to strip hair of critical natural oils, leaving your hair so weakened and curly.

Is your hair naturally curly? I suggest you stick to cleansers with vast amounts of moisture ingredients and keep off the conventional shampoos that aggravate the frizzles due to harsher components.

3. Use Lower Temps for Your Hair

Who wouldn’t want to indulge in the muscle-relaxing hot shower after a tiring day?. Unfortunately, while it is one of the luxuries, a hot shower won’t do justice for your hair. And so the best way on how to fix frizzy hair technique is to turn down the temp and run lukewarm water through your hair.

Extensive hair research states that higher water temp can cause the cuticles to rise and open, causing natural oils and moisture to escape. At the same time, the humidity will start flowing into the cuticle gaps, exacerbating hair dryness and frizzles. 

4. Alternate Between Shampoo and Conditioner Use

I can never stress the importance of regular hair conditioning. It is true that we think a shampoo is all there is to keep our hair fresh, healthy, and glossy. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Even that fantastic anti-frizz shampoo has properties that could begin to strip your hair of its natural oils and moisture.

The other way to fix frizzy hair avenue is the conditioner since most hair conditioners retain natural moisture within your hair. Just be sure you are applying the right way to avoid greasing your scalp. So how do you do it? Simple, start from the nape of your neck and towards your hair strands’’ end.

Again, the other how to fix frizzy hair is by never letting go of that leave-in conditioner. Salon experts insist that the only and best way to keep the moisture in is to slap adequate amounts of leave-in immediately you step out of the shower.

You have to pick which leave-in product you use, though, discriminatively. And in this case, only those that contain oils and silicon can form a protective barrier keeping humidity from ever reaching your hair cuticles. 

5. Avoid Any Friction to Your Hair

Most of our hair types are pretty sensitive to friction, and if you want to know how to fix frizzy hair, then anti-friction steps should be your starting point. For example, let’s picture you rubbing or towel drying ever so aggressively on your hair. Unfortunately, this will start to disrupt the cuticle, creating gaps around the hair cells.

The best way is to gently towel-dry using the towel turban method. If you use a cotton towel, I suggest dumping it and sticking it to the thin microfiber towel. Then, you can gently squeeze out the excess water before you can use the towel.

Finally, take a critical look at how you brush your hair. If there is anything that causes hair damage, it is that small toothed brush. It will cause tightness to your hair as your comb through. My advice is to go for that wide-toothed comb that has fewer bristles. Then, of course, reduce the amount of time you comb, allowing your hair to relax.

6. Use Appropriate Pillowcase 

Did you know that a cotton pillowcase could be causing havoc to your hair, snagging it as you sleep? The best way on how to fix frizzy hair is to swap it for a slippery silk one that enables your hair to slither with lots of gentleness.

You can also reduce causing friction on your hair by holding it into loose buns whenever you are in the shower. Keep the buns as you proceed to bed as they keep hair from disengaging as you toss and turn in your sleep.

7. Never Detangle Dry Hair


Is yours a busy lifestyle, and do you want to detangle your hair even while on the move? The wrong move, I say. The dryer your hair is, the more it gets knotted and could start to break as you comb through it. So, wait until you get into that shower to disentangle. I also suggest you bring a conditioner for the job. Applying copious amounts make it easy to comb through, and the hair also retains its healthy curly pattern.

8. Use Heat Protectants 

Do you still need to know how to fix frizzy hair? One of the ways I protect my hair from frizz is shielding my hair from enormous heat, now that I live in a humid environment. Still, if you are like me and can’t keep off the curling iron and the blow-dryer, try and go slow on the same.

And while at it, use a heat protectant to lessen hair damage that could lead to frizz.

The question is where to get the heat protectant. It is right inside your hair spray. Some of the valuable ingredients in that working spray on your dressing table are the heat protectant and anti-humectant.

9. Use a Moisturizing Hair Mask 

If yours is a chronic case of hair frizz, then there is only one how to fix frizzy hair technique. It involves masking your hair with some of the most potent yet most effective oils available. For example, you can make a once-week deep moistening with oil ingredients of coconut and Argan. In addition, olive, sesame, and avocado oil can penetrate hair cuticles to revitalize most stressed-up hairs deeply.

10. Use a Blow-Dryer to Smoothen the Cuticle 

Even though most highly ranked stylists advice tone down hot tools usage, your frizz might have to flatten using a blow-dryer. But you must do so both carefully and gently so as not to disrupt the cuticle.

Here is how you can do it. Start by blowing the blow-dryer air down the hair shaft. Ensure you move away from the roots and go towards the ends. Also, as you move the dryer up, follow it up immediately with a brush.

Never blow the dryer up the roots as the motion opens up the cuticles. You already know how it can aggravate hair-dryness and more frizz. 

Why Visiting a Professional Stylist Could Be Your Way Out? 

If you still have no clue how to fix frizzy hair, your last resort may be just that hairstylist around the corner. Unfortunately, only a specialist may understand your hair type and why you have the frizz in the first place. Then, again, they can use only the gentlest and hair revitalizing products to bring your hair back to its healthy, glossy form.

Another reason I suggest you see a hairstylist is because they can provide the most helpful advice on hair care, including the right products to use. What about the cost implication, you might ask? Of course, a professional hairstyle doesn’t come cheap. But you can also negotiate.

Lastly, what value for your money could you get besides the professional, quick detangling of messy hair? The advice you get is worth every cent you would save.

What If It All Fails?

Then I suggest you embrace your frizz as something unique to just you. The truth is that some of the hair-flyaway we see is genetic, and nothing other than accepting your hair can ever work.

And even though the frizz will be overwhelming during the immensely sticky weather, you can go for wavy styles so that you do not appear strange when the frizz catches up with you.

The extra advice is that you do not tone down on your hair moistening routine. Instead, make it part and parcel of your routine to keep any humidity from ever reaching your cuticles.



It is never easy to tackle hair frizz, especially if it’s coming on too often. But, for most of us, the struggle is accurate, and the tips mentioned above can be what you need to have a finely textured and smooth mane finally.

Haircare starts with you, and how gently you handle it determines its appearance. So, wash it gently with lukewarm water, and do regular moistening too.

Assuming things do not seem to work, and you still cannot get off the frizz, please do not wait to see a professional hairstylist. They have the resources, knowledge, and skills to help you acquire frizz-free healthy and beautiful hair.

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