Salon Suites Rentals: What to Know Before Renting a Salon Suite

salon suites rentals

There are over 900,000 salon-owned businesses in the United States this year alone. These numbers continue to grow because of the freedom that comes with having your own shop. Wouldn’t you feel more control over your life if you schedule your time, call the shots, and gain more independence?

Making this move can be quite beautiful and liberating, but it can be pretty scary at the same time. It gives you the opportunity to make your quality of life better. 

There is so much to think about when figuring out everything that it takes for salon suites rentals. Follow along with this salon suites rental guide for everything that you will need to know before you make the step of renting your own place. 

Make a Client List

One of the top salon suites rental tips that can help make you grow is having the right clients. Build lasting relationships with them so that the transition will not be an issue. Try to find one or two things in common with your customers to make this happen quickly. 

If you do this most of your clients will want to follow you. Make sure to give clients ample time to prepare for the move. You will want to make sure you stay in contact with them before and after the transition. 

You should still let your clients know you are moving, even if the owner of the salon has no clue. It’s understandable to keep this information to protect your current position. A good solution is walking customers to cars, talking in a secure location, or connecting online.  

Track All Finances

You need to make a list of all of your start-up expenses like deposits, rent, licensing, and furniture. These should include everything you will need on the day to day, as well as weekly and monthly.

This will give you an idea of how much you need to make to cover your bills. It is likely that rent and inventory will be some of the biggest expenses. Here are some common expense items to look out for: 

  • Rent or deposits
  • Furniture and personal decor
  • Liability insurance
  • Internet and phone service
  • Accountant fees
  • Taxes
  • Inventory
  • Employee payroll 

Keep track of your receipts to make sure that you are itemizing everything. This can help you during tax season and give you the ability to create extra write-offs. If you ever find yourself with extra money try to save it in an account for a cushion in case of an emergency takes place. 

Services Pricing

One of the top salon suites rental advice that you can follow is to do research to set the prices of your services. Being intentional about the pricing and sticking to it is crucial. You don’t want to have price changes often because that will confuse and potentially anger your customers. 

Make sure that you don’t price your items too low because of fear that you won’t have people follow you. Keep pricing close to what they are used to and with time you can increase them while making the upgrades you want. 

Your Needs With Salon Suites Rentals

Each suite has different amenities and designs to offer. You may need to find a more affordable space until you can generate a steady flow of clients. There are great tips on how to find a cheap rental space while you figure things out. 

Before you select a suite, you need to think about what services you are going to provide for clients. This can help you fine point a suite that fits your services and gives you intentionality when utilizing spacing and designs. 

This is crucial because if you are going to offer your clients massages you will need extra space. Each suite will vary so make sure to evaluate the space before making a final decision. 

Hire Helpful Personnel 

You know what you are doing, but there are people trained to help with things on the business side of things that can tend to be more difficult. When renting a salon suite your first step should be a lawyer. There are things that can be confusing during the lease agreement which can be helpful to have a lawyer carefully look over. 

Another great tip is to hire an accountant. This will help you at every opportunity to save money and do things the right way. Financial help can prevent you from getting stressed when having to deal with issues. 


Marketing yourself is a great way to keep your clients and get your name out there to potential customers. Instagram is a really easy way to market yourself and make clients think about using your services. 

There are a lot of different ways to market in real life as well. Passing out business cards, volunteering your services at local events, and tabling at coffee shops are all good options to help. You can also join a group like your local chamber of commerce to help boost networking. 

Focus on Return Clients

One way to make sure that you increase sales is by focusing on returning client visits. This is a sustainable type of business model. Repeat customers generally have a higher order value and create less work for you. 

Try to create the best experience possible for your clients. You can create good moods by playing background music, having a clean organized space, and creating a menu of your services. 

New customers are great, and you should always find more. However, is worth your time and effort to make sure that your clients are happy so they stay coming back. 

Find Your Perfect Suite Today

You can look forward to making your own decisions and having complete freedom when you are in charge of your own business. Salon suites rentals can allow you to hire the perfect staff that works with you, set your pricing and services, and have control. 

Check out our blog for more great tips and tricks on how you can transform your beauty business, rent out a salon, and get your hairstyling license. 

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