Elevate Client Experience in your Salon Space

A visit to the salon is a point to get refreshed either by getting a new look, a spa treatment or updating to a new style. Salons as sanctuaries, are where clients expect to come out of feeling more confident, joyful and with higher self-esteem. Therefore, the artists, stylists or masseuses must meet and to some level, supersede the expectations of their clients. 

A 2011 customer experience impact report revealed that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for better customer experience. Also, the same percentage is willing to change and do business with a competitor due to poor experience. Inclusion with other findings, it is clear that the customer is the actual boss and their expectations and desires should be met with engaging and customized services and products. The reward of meeting customer’s expectations is developing relationships that may grow to become customer loyalty, which in itself is a marketing strategy for gaining `more potential clients. 

So how can a salon owner foster long term relationships with customers?

Unforgettable first impression

This begins with the quality and design of your decor, cleanliness, smell, and arrangement of your workplace since this is what the client sees and feels when they enter the door. Another indication of the energy in your salon is how you welcome the client once they walk in. It is a great feeling when a customer is provided with the attention of warm greetings when they enter your salon.

As well, ensure you are available for a call and on social media in case new clients want to ask about your business or make bookings. Potential clients should be comfortable approaching you and you should be available and welcoming. 

Proper communications and interactions

Having a system that allows you to engage with your client when necessary, facilitate smooth operations and convenience. Clients can be reminded of upcoming offers on products and services, changes in fee prices of certain services and most importantly, act as a reminder of made appointments. Such a program can be achieved by the implementation of management software that is automated to make the appointment reminders to your customers and provide even more information about your operations. 

Have snacks and refreshments available 

This is going beyond the clients’ expectations. It involves providing snacks and drinks such as water, coffee, tea and to some extent wine, cocktails or beer as permitted by the law. This allows the customer to relax, replenish themselves and enjoy their experience with you. Refreshments provided should be in consideration of the weather, society’s values and within your budget.

Provide quality and safe products

In the beauty sector, there is a lot of value placed on quality products. Therefore, when providing make-up, spa treatment, hair-care, manicure and pedicure services, the use of quality brands should be a priority. As well, the use of properly functioning equipment is essential as it is equivalent to providing a top-notch customer experience. Clients should be able to see the worth of their investment and feel safe about the products you are using on them. Also, for salons that sell beauty and hair-care products, this could go a long way to encouraging the customers to make purchases at their shop. 


If possible, salons can provide private settings with a cosmetologist of the client’s choosing in their salon. This could especially helpful in the event that the clients are religious or celebrities that might want privacy for their services. Also, having a platform where clients can book a professional of their liking is important in making the customer feel in control and in charge of who, where and how the service will be provided

We at Image salon have made an effort to provide studios in all our branches where clients can receive services privately. A customer can receive a personalized experience with each visit at our salons.

Implement Rewards for loyalty

This involves integrating a reward system such as points, punch cards or discounts for loyal and committed customers. The strategy encourages these clients to come back again and again as their commitment to your business is appreciated. It is an indication that you value them and their decision to invest in your business time and again. Gaining new customers is important, but maintaining your old clients is as well significant; thus, you should make them feel special. 

Allow room for compliments, complaints and suggestions

Good customer experience will always go hand in hand with complements that other potential clients can view and make a decision to visit your salon. Customers can also provide new ideas on what they wish you would change and this comes down to the customer being the boss. Therefore, such suggestions should be taken seriously, especially in improving on personalizing the customers’ experience with you.

Reviews are more important to the business as you get to monitor the customers’ thoughts on their experience with you. 

Showcase your clients’ beauty 

This may involve taking the before and after images indicating the transformation of your work as well the customer’s look. With their consent, post the images on social media and tag them too. This is a way to show love and appreciation to your customers and their choice to have faith in your expertise and artistic work to refresh their looks and image. 

Allow room for consultation

Provide an opportunity for your customers to seek advice and share their desires. The clients’ requests should be listened to, to identify what they want. Also, this should be an opportunity for you to offer advice regarding their requirements by offering your expertise. Instead of promising to meet their heavenly expectations, find a balance by compromising between their desires and your experience.

Consultations also involve tips on how to manage their look, such as how to repair damaged hair and how to make the hair color last longer. 

 Keep the clients engaged while waiting

In most salons, the waiting line for the service can be long and to save customers from boredom; you can offer entertainment services. This includes providing TV with engaging programs, interesting magazines and news articles or well connected and fast internet which they use to spend time online. Ensure there are charging cables that they could use in case their phone’s charge dies out. 


We at Image salon studios have made an effort to ensure we provide every aspect of beauty from hair-care, make-up, massage therapy, facial treatment, skin and nail care. We have experts in charge of each of these services thus ensuring our clients receive nothing short of quality experience. Our décor and look is everything modern and customized to fit the service provided at each studio. 

We use quality equipment and our products are of a wide variety ensuring that every customer skin type, complexion, hair size and texture are catered for. We chose to invest in you as you have chosen to invest in us.


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