How To Make Moms Feel Pampered In The Salon This Mother’s Day

Staying relevant in marketing is a key to success! With one of the biggest gift-giving holidays right around the corner, it only makes sense to take advantage. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to support one of the largest clienteles of most salons and make them feel extra pampered. With more and more women treating themselves on Mother’s Day and gift-giving at an all-time high, it’s important to think about what moms actually want and what will make them excited to come into the salon. We put a list together of promotions you can offer around Mother’s Day.

Special Mother’s Day Retail Packages and/or Services

Offer specific packages or services that keep mom coming back into the salon even after Mother’s Day is long over. This is a great opportunity to build a loyal customer base!

Offer a Buy One, Get One (one for you and one for mom)

Similarly, to the above, use this opportunity to create not just one, but two loyal customers by offering mom and her child/mom/sister/friend/partner a BOGO offer on any service. This can be a great gift to give mom that feels a little more special for her. Everyone loves to treat themselves to a spa day, especially when they are with a loved one!

Provide Packages in Different Price Points to Cover a Variety of Budgets

Moms get gifts from all types of loved ones. Husbands may want to pamper their wives by giving them every service the salon has to offer. Children might not be able to afford a full service, but still want mom to know she’s special. Offering different price points opens up your Mother’s Day specials to all gift-givers.

Create Retail Packages that are Easy for Purchase and Pickup

Create baskets that can be easily given to moms from family and friends on the go. This can be displayed within the salon or online to remind clients that Mother’s Day is coming up. Make sure to remind your clients in the weeks leading up that they are and will be available until Mother’s Day.

Offer Special Services for Mom (i.e. lashes, blowout, facial, etc)

Offer moms who are already clients a Mother’s Day special if they come in during May. That special can be as simple as a smaller service for free. This can be a great way to get more business in the door that month and help build loyalty with clients.

Promote Gift Cards as a Last-Minute Gift for Mom

Never underestimate the power of a procrastinator, it happens at every holiday. Offer gift card options for gift-givers who just simply ran out of time! Post on social media a few days before that you still have gift cards available for those who are in a bind!

Now with promotions in mind, it’s important to remember one thing, who is giving the gift? While we want the moms to feel pampered, but marketing should be geared towards our mom’s family, children and friends. How do you do that?

Use social media to promote your Mother’s Day specials!

  • Plan out social media posts for the few weeks leading up to Mother’s Day to peak interest for those planning gifts early and those waiting until the last minute.
    Have clients who bought Mother’s Day gifts from you, tag you in the posts and share them in your stories or on your page.
    Use social media to do a Mother’s Day giveaway to draw people in and remind them you’re a great place to get a Mother’s Day Gift!
    Target loved ones with messaging around spoiling the mom in their life
    Try emails – try emailing your customer list as an extra reminder of the great deals you are offering.

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