Top 15 Best Men’s Haircut Near Me in Houston, Texas


Top 15 Best Men’s Haircut Near Me in Houston, Texas

Do you get stressed up whenever you think of changing your hairstyle? You are not alone. I have always found myself at crossroads whenever I think of getting a new haircut and the chore of finding a men’s haircut near me. It’s difficult to entrust your hair to somebody new because you cannot reverse the damage if they mess up. You will have to look horrible for weeks or months before your hair grows again.

So, I have made it a habit to research and craft a list of the best men’s haircut near me before I walk into any barbershop because I always want the best experience. I want people to look at me and wish they had the same hairstyle. And most importantly, I want to impress my wife, hello!

Before I introduce you to the best men’s haircut in Houston

What are the Most Popular Men’s Haircuts and Styles?

Depending on your personality and preference, you can go for a short haircut like the crew cut, undercut, the disconnected undercut, the low fade, mid fade, the high fade, quiff, or the pompadour. Those are examples of semi-short haircuts for guys.

Alternatively, you can go for long haircuts, for example, loose waves and curls, ponytail, man bun, man braids, dreadlocks, or the topknot.

A lot of these long haircuts need a little care and maintenance, though. For example, you need to get the right shampoo and conditioner to wash it.

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How Much Is a Haircut in Houston? 

A lot of factors would determine how much you pay for a haircut in Houston. Price is majorly dependent on the location, the barbershop you choose, and the hairstyle you prefer. The average price, however, is $53.

According to most barbers, the price is set depending on the kind of products they use and how much time it takes to deliver the hairstyle you choose to have.

So, while I search for the best men’s haircut near me, I always remember to check for the price so that I can go for something affordable.

But Why Is a Haircut Expensive?

It might seem like an expensive affair getting a haircut for as much as $53 in Houston. But, according to hairstylists, the price of running a barbershop is also high. For example, they have to pay for utilities, haircutting tools, and barber supplies. That includes styling products, shampoos, and towels. 

Additionally, hairstylists have to attend training to make sure they give you that stunning look. That’s why you have to pay a high price for your haircut.

Supposing you want to leave a tip, how much do you tip a barber for a $20 haircut, for example?

Ideally, it would be best to tip your barber at least 20% of the total cost of your haircut or more.

Tipping your barber helps build your relationship and make sure they do a thorough job the next time you visit. In addition, you can always get a chance to be squeezed into their schedule when you need your hair urgently done.

In my quest for the best men’s haircut near me, here are the best 15 barber shops in Houston, Texas.

#1. Diesel Barbershop, Men’s Haircut Near Me

Diesel barbershop is one of the places that won’t disappoint you if you want to have a fantastic experience with your haircut. They offer haircuts, shampoo scalp wash, and a hot towel facial treatment. On top of it, you get a relaxing shoulder massage, waxing for your brows, ears, and nose, and basic blow-dry. What about the beards? Oh! I almost forgot. You also get your beards trimmed with scissors, clippers, or trimmers. Finally, they finish off with your favorite beard oil or beard balm. How great is that?

#2. Creative Hair Design in Houston, Men’s Haircut Near Me

Creative hair Design is located at 502 Airport Road in Houston. They boast 20 years of experience in the beauty industry and specialize in weddings and special occasions. Some of the services they offer include haircuts, waxing, manicure, and pedicure. So, I went further to check their reviews, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. The staff members are friendly and willing to assist whenever you need them. So, creative hair design found its way into my list of the best men’s haircut near me.

#3. The Gentry, Men’s Haircut Near Me

An gentry is a place where you will get executive barber services. They have trained staff to ensure they get you the perfect shave. The gentry has a comfortable, first-class atmosphere, and that’s what I liked most about them. On top of that, they have a membership club. Of course, it’s not a must you be a member to enjoy a haircut, but it comes with some benefits. However, it’s advisable to schedule an appointment before you check-in, to avoid delays. Did I mention they also serve beverages? Well, they do.

#4. Quick Clips Hair Salon in Houston, Men’s Haircut Near Me

Quick clips is another salon that I had to add to my list. I like convenience, and this salon is open from Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 8.00 pm. On Saturday 9.00am to 6.00pm, and on Sunday 9.00am to 4.00pm. On top of that, they have trained, creative and innovative staff to style your hair just the way you like it. Services on the menu include haircuts, highlights, hair color, Brazilian keratin treatments, and free consultation. 

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#5. The Upper Hand Salon in Houston, Men’s Haircut Near Me

Upper hand salon is an award-winning salon that Citysearch and click2houston have recognized. Most of the staff are Goldwell IQ cutting certified, so you have enough confidence in them before sitting under the knife. They offer haircutting services for men and women, full highlights, keratin express, shampoo and style, partial highlights, and waxing. You can view their galleries before visiting and book an appointment on Upper Hand Salon’s website.

#6. Hourani’s Barbershop, Men’s Haircut Near Me

This barbershop has been in existence since 1983. Unfortunately, you can’t be in business for that long with shoddy service. They offer haircuts, beard shave, trim or line up, hair coloring, keratin treatment, beard coloring, waxing, facial scrubs, and skin vapor cleansing. They also have a membership club that you can join on their website to enjoy discounted rates.

Next on my list of the best men’s haircuts in Houston…

#7. Shine in the Heights Salon, Men’s Haircut Near Me

When someone boldly makes you a promise, you can be sure they will do their best to deliver. Shine in the heights salon promises to make you look good, feel good and shine. And from the reviews, it seems like they have not failed in delivering that promise. They offer haircuts, coloring, chemical treatment, and facial makeup. Currently, the salon has very strict guidelines to avoid overcrowding, and you’ll have to book earlier before visiting them.

#8. Chophouse Barber Company, Men’s Haircut Near Me

The chophouse barber company was established in 2015, and they specifically deal with men’s haircuts. So when I was creating my list of the best men’s haircut near me, chophouse had to be on the list. They are located at 6715 Weslayan Street, Houston, Texas. You can call them to have your barber-related questions answered for free through this number 832-781-2856. They also offer a wide range of hair, beard, and skin products if you need that sort of stuff.

#9. Martin’s Gentlemen Salon, Men’s Haircut Near Me

As the name suggests, it is a gentlemen’s salon where you can get your haircut, pedicure, manicure, nose, and brow waxing, and finish off by treating yourself to a hot towel and neck massage. One unique thing with Martin’s gentlemen salon is that they offer gift cards that you can send your special man to have them get a treat at the salon. Isn’t that awesome? Additionally, they have a great team of experts, and you can conveniently book an appointment on their website.

#10. Master’s Barbershop in Houston, Men’s Haircut Near Me

How did this get to my list of the best men’s haircut near me? with Master’s barbershop, I have to say I relied on the rich array of reviews from previous customers. If a good number says it was great, it must have been a rewarding experience. Some of the clients have been repeated customers for over 30 years. 30 years? That’s an immense satisfaction. You can also check them out. They are located at 2416 Harbach Street, Houston, Texas, and they have reasonable prices and exceptional service from the reviews. So why not give them a chance?

#11. Trademark Salon and Spa, Men’s Haircut Near Me

Trademark salon and spa was established in 2008. It’s located at 10300 Louetta Road, Houston, Texas. Since then, it has grown to a large establishment offering facial makeup, haircuts, highlights with color balance, keratin treatments, among many other services that you can check on their website.  With many years of experience and a good backup of reviews, I feel confident in these guys.

#12. Cutthroat Barbers in Houston, Men’s Haircut Near Me

Cutthroat is located at 2203 Washington avenue Houston. You can book your appointment on their website to access their services. They offer beard trimming services and haircuts. In March 2018, the men’s journal named cutthroat as one of the coolest barbers in America. That ranks them among the best hairdressers in Houston on my list.

#13. Wild Boars Barbershop, Men’s Haircut Near Me

Wild boars are another barbershop that guarantees you excellent beard trims, buzz cuts, and women haircuts as well. It was established by Sarath Reth, an award-winning fade master. It is located at 2524 Yale Street. They have favorable reviews praising their excellent customer service and reasonable pricing. So, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with their service. In addition, you can book their services online before visiting to avoid inconveniences. That’s why they are also among the best men’s haircut near me.

#14.  Roosters Men’s Grooming Center, Men’s Haircut Near Me

At Roosters, a highly trained stylist will give you a precision haircut and a classic, customized service so that you leave the place feeling satisfied. They offer a 7-step facial shave, neck trim, highlighting, and coloring. Roosters men’s grooming center is the old-school barbershop with an eye for modern trends. They also offer gift cards during the holiday seasons and, in addition to shaving, they also sell hair, shaving, and styling products.

#15. Thuy’s Hair Fashion, Men’s Haircut Near Me

Let me conclude my list of the best men’s haircut near me with Thuy’s hair fashion located at bingle road Houston. Thuy’s Hair Salon are open from 10 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday and on Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm. They have rated five stars with great reviews favoring their professional services and outstanding haircuts. They also operate under the name Thuy’s hair design, and they have been in business for nearly 15 years.

What Should You Look for in a Barber?

As I pick the best men’s haircut near me, I always check for a few things a barber must offer. I want you to have them so that it’s easier for you to select as well.

1. Great Reviews

It’s hard for me to trust easily, so I always check reviews from previous clients to understand what I am getting myself into. I really wouldn’t want anybody messing with my haircut, and I know you wouldn’t either, so always check reviews before trying out a new barber.

2. Excellent Service

Just like with every other service, a salon should offer you excellent service. One of the ways to know whether a salon offers excellent service to customers is by looking at the products they use. A reputable place will always use quality products and after-sale services.

3. Trained Staff

One of the easiest ways to have your hairstyle messed up is by allowing an inexperienced person to handle it. It might seem awkward to ask whether someone is qualified but never hesitate. After all, you will pay for the service, so you have the right to know who will handle your haircut.

4. Consultation

First off, I’m not an expert hairdresser. I will always need guidance on the best products to use for my hair, the current trends that would look good on me, and such. If a salon does not offer consultation services, it will not be good enough. Make sure you are dealing with someone who is not too busy with your queries.

5. Price

Price will always be a primary determinant of whether you buy a service or not. Some places will charge you high depending on the kind of services you get; others will be relatively affordable for the same kind of service. Always go for what is within your budget, provided you get excellent service.


Since it’s hard to entrust my haircut to somebody new, I’ve always made a list of the best men’s haircut near me based on previous customers’ reviews and the kind of service they offer.

The average price for a haircut in Houston is $53. Prices differ depending on the location, cost of running the salon, and cost of supplies. If you want to tip your barber for excellent service, the ideal tip should be 20% of the total cost of service or more.

To pick your next barber, make sure you check previous reviews. They should have trained staff, and they should offer you excellent service. A good salon will always use quality products.

The ideal barber should offer you consultation services and have reasonable prices. 

Those 15 barbershops discussed above are the ones that made it to my list of the best men’s haircut near me in Houston, and I know they will serve you right. Try them out.

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