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Day Rental Program

What is it?

Image Salons Day Rental Program allows service Hair Stylist to rent a salon studio by the day. Renters have access to their rented studio from 9:00AM till 4:00PM. Days of the week that are available for rent under this program are Tuesday through Saturday.

Who are good candidates for this Program?

  1. Hair Stylist new to the industry with a small number of clients, who would like to grow their clientele but cannot afford the weekly rent at this time.
  2. Hair Stylist working in a traditional salon on commission or salary who would like to have their own business but are hesitant to commit to a 6 or 12 month lease can rent by the day for a while until they reach a comfort level that would allow them to go into a lease.
  3. Hair Stylist who are “downsizing” their business and who do not want to continue to pay by the week.

How does this program differ from our Studio Lease Program?

Lease Program:

Lease Program:

26 – 52 week Lease: Allows tenants 24/7 access to the salon and their leased studio. Studio keys are provided.

Basic salon equipment is provided… shampoo bowl and chair, styling station with mirror, hydraulic styling chair and hood hair dryer. Tenants keep their supplies and personally owned furniture and equipment in their leased studio.

Tenants may paint and otherwise decorate their studio to their desired taste.

Day Rental Program:

Day Rental Program:

Rent by the Day: Allows renters access to a studio from 9:00AM till 4:00PM only on the day that they are renting a studio. No keys are provided.In addition to basic salon equipment, a bulletin board to post your license, a dust pan, broom and covered trash can are also provided as cleanup is required prior to departure on the day of the rental.

Day renter must remove all personally owned supplies and equipment upon departure on the day on their rental.

Decorating the rented studio is limited to items that the renter can remove upon their departure on the day of their rental. No paint or other permanent décor is allowed.

Ready to Lease for 26-52 weeks? Contact the Salon Manager at our locations to schedule a tour!

Interested in Day Rental? Hair Stylist may schedule their rental days via online scheduling system. Payment is made by credit or debit card online at the time of scheduling. Cancellations will receive a credit for a future rental if made 7 or more days prior to rental day.

Questions? Contact the Salon Manager at your desired location for answers!

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